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We Have Found The Best Dry Shampoos For Blonde Hair

We Have Found The Best Dry Shampoos For Blonde Hair

Take a look at these best dry shampoos for blonde hair that will keep your strands from looking greasing between your regular shampoo washes!

Dry shampoo can be the ultimate life saver on those days when you just don’t have time to wash your hair. And, in reality, you really shouldn’t be washing your hair all the time so a great day shampoo can help clean hair last for longer. For coloured hair this is good news as over-washing can mean that your colour fades quicker than normal. But, dry shampoo is drying. And, for those who have their hair colour lightened or bleach, their hair will most likely already be more on the dry side. But, a great dry shampoo can give your hair bounce, shine and make it feel cleaner again without having to shower. So, which products should you be using? While everyone’s hair is slightly different, we’ve found some of the best dry shampoos for blonde hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Brilliant Blonde 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Light & Blonde banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without any water. A hint of colour complements light and blonde hair tones and helps blend in root re-growth of coloured, tinted or bleached hair.


Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Colour Mate

This dry shampoo by Aussie is perfect for those who are worried about over-washing their hair that’s been coloured. A bold, dry burst of this and your hair looks re-done without its colour being re-duced. It also contains Jojoba Seed Extract that was used for centuries by indigenous Australians as it was believed to naturally condition hair.

Josh Wood Colour Lighter Blonde Tinted Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is loved by many blondes and it’s no surprise why. This excellent dry shampoo doesn’t leave too much white behind unlike many others. It also works as a cover up for root growth and keeps blonde hair looking fresh in between hair colour appointments.

Bumble And Bumble Pret-A-Powder Tres (Nourishing) Dry Shampoo

Formulated with Hibiscus Extract, this dry shampoo absorbs oil at the root, while still looking after dry ends that are often a result of bleached hair. This means that strands are left lightly scented – with no trace of white residue. UV filters also help protect against the drying effects of the sun. It works especially well on hair that is dry, damaged or has been colour-treated!

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Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Light Tones

Moroccan Oil’s dry shampoo was developed to refresh tired, lack-lustre locks in between washes, making it an ideal product to use post-workout, travelling or transforming your style before a night out. The lightweight works to banish signs of odour, product build-up or grease, whilst argan oil and subtle violet undertones balance brassiness in blonde hair. It also provides UV protection for blondes in the sun. This product is the whole package, which is why it is one of our top best dry shampoos for blonde hair.

Which of these best dry shampoos for blonde hair are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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