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5 Best Drunk Food Spots In Brighton

5 Best Drunk Food Spots In Brighton

These 5 Best Drunk Food Spots In Brighton are (in my VERY professional opinion) the best in town and not too harsh on the bank balance - check them out!

A global phenomena: drunk people crave food. Maybe it’s all the alcohol or maybe it’s all the dancing, or maybe you’re just a foodie and this is you 24/7. Either way you know you want it, and you want it fast.

If you’re new to Brighton or just looking to spice up your drunken antics, then look no further than these 5 Best Drunk Food Spots.


Obviously. I have no idea how but literally every student living in Brighton has been here. It’s kind of inconvenient to get to and you have to brave the harsh sea winds, but it’s damn good.


The “tradition and passion” trademark is probably lost of most 3am-ers looking for grease and carbs, but the food is not.

While I (without a doubt) go for the cheesy chips (yes, ‘cheesy chips’, not ‘chips n cheese’) or cheesy garlic bread (can you tell i like cheese) and haven’t ventured too far from these two classics, I can’t help but eye up the massive pizzas and nachos.

Although it took me almost three years to realise there was a ‘sit-in’ restaurant left of the takeaway shop (I’ve never been sober), I’m definitely a regular. (and if you live in Brighton, or have ever been, you probably are too).


2)Grubbs Burgers

After a night out it seems everywhere i turn a Grubbs Burgers awaits me. Who doesn’t love a greasy burger at the end of a night to top it all off?

I might sound boring but I prefer to keep it simple, cheese burger with fries will do me. But if you’re weird, the Mango Curry burger or The Malaysian (with peanut butter, chilli and lettuce… not sure about that) might float your boat.



3)The Joker

This might not jump out to most people as a typical drunken foodie spot. Being a pub, you usually want to avoid alcohol at all costs and instead sooaak it all up. But the Lost Boys Chicken is a new level of tastiness and a lifesaver for late night hunger pangs.

I mean, the endless sides and dips, the burgers and the wings make up every drunken slobs dream. (me). They also deliver so if you’re lazy (also me) you can have your food waiting for you at the door on your arrival.

I have to add that it’s SO aesthetic inside and the lighting is kind to the drunk selfie-taking.


5 Best Drunk Food Spots In Brighton

4)Market Diner

Cheap and very cheerful. A burger in Brighton for £3.50 is pretty good going (and tastes just as good).

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While you may fear for your life walking down the ever so ‘dodgy’ alleyway in the early hours of the morning, persevere and strive on (tip: don’t go alone).

Not many people know about this one (it’s the best-kept secret).

5)Sprinkles Gelato

(up for debate)


This is for the ones with the sweet tooth. The name says it all really.

From gelato and sorbet, waffles and pancakes, sundaes and cookie dough, they pretty much have it all, and the portion size will have you feeling VERY satisfied.

I won’t lie, to me, this doesn’t tickle my fancies as a stumble out of Pryzm Club (even if it is only five strides away), I’ll always vote for the greasy foods. But, sometimes you gotta give and go where your friends want.


5 Best Drunk Food Spots In Brighton

Brighton is jam-packed with foodie spots to satisfy your late night cravings. It literally tailors to every student’s drunken needs. Whether you’re (normal) like me and want the greasy grub or (abnormal) and prefer ice cream in the wind and rain at 3am (each to their own), you’ll find it.

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