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The 8 Best Dessert Places In Hull

The 8 Best Dessert Places In Hull

All of these places are places in Hull where I have really enjoyed a dessert. Check out my list of the 8 best dessert places in Hull and try them out!

So, I previously told you about some of my favourite places to eat in Hull that are never dull and always delicious. Therefore, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favourite places to get some kind of dessert in Hull. I have used the word “dessert” to encompass a variety of sweet things, not just your typical cake. These can vary from waffles, to milkshakes, to sweet shop candies. All of these places are places in Hull where I have really enjoyed a dessert. Check out my list of the 8 best dessert places in Hull and try them out for yourself.

1. Blondes

Okay, so this place is technically in Cottingham, but Hull is right up the road. Anyways, you wouldn’t want to miss this one off your list. Blondes has always done exceptional sweet treats, did you ever see those sweetie cakes? Unreal. More recently, they have really embarked on being vegan dessert specialists. A great vegetarian and vegan place to try. One of the most recent things I tried from Blondes was their vegan brownie. This was pretty special. I haven’t had such a chocolatey and moist (sorry for the word but it’s the most accurate and meant in a good way) vegan brownie. Check them out here on Facebook, and then check them out for yourself! Definitely worth trying.

2. Frizza Caffe Gelato

A sweet addition to Newland avenue. Other than the large variety of delicious ice-cream flavours, I have had some great chocolate drizzled waffles from here. They too do a selection of vegetarian and vegan delights. If you click here you can browse their website. Make sure you go an try out some of their ice-cream flavours!


3. Kaspa’s desserts

Okay confession, this isn’t somewhere I have personally been in Hull. But, I’ve been recommended it a few times. So I need to go check it out too… Their menu is huge! With sundaes, waffles, cakes, milkshakes and more… Including some old favourites like, Knickerbocker Glory and The Screwball. They also do a free birthday shake, that’s certainly a reason to go check it out. Have a look at their giant menu here. Maybe I’ll see you there! Let us know if it’s on your best dessert places in Hull too.

4. Eskimoo

I know these are milkshakes, so their standings as desserts could potentially be questioned… but the make-up of these elaborate and tasty shakes I think qualify them. I think my favourite is the Cadbury’s creme egg flavour when I’m feeling really in need of a sugar hit. These shakes have always been great when I’ve got one. Have a look at their flavours for yourself and try your favourite¬†here.

5. Just Desserts and Coffee

Hull coming in with another best dessert place with vegetarian and vegan options! It is really nice to see there is so much option for everyone. Just desserts and coffee in Hull does a delicious assortment of desserts. But what puts them on my list is their delicious scones! Which, you can also have the option of being dairy free. So yummy. Check them out on Facebook here and see for yourself.


6. Sugar n Spice Cakes

This is one of my favourite cake shops in Hull. You’ve probably seen their impressive window displays. They can make pretty much anything for most occasions. Their cake decor execution is always fab. One of the best dessert places in Hull, check out their website here.

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7. Hull Fair

Yes, I know this is only once a year, but tell me if I’m wrong… how many of us just go for the food? Cheap burgers and fries yes… but the mountains of sweets, candy floss and especially brandy snap is a hard temptation to resist! The sweet treats and desserts are the main things you want to be spending money on at the fair! It’s a shame we have only once a year to have access to all those toffee apples.


8. Treatbox

This place is a genuine dream world to enter. The walls are lined with over 200 kinds of your favourites. Old classics and new takes, options for everyone. Check them out here. And, see for yourself why they have made my top 8 dessert places in Hull, even though they are a sweet shop!

I hope this list can temporarily satisfy your sweet tooth, if like me you love desserts! I hope I included both some of your favourites and some new ideas and options for you to try too.

These are some of my favourite, they might be different to yours, let me know your favourite dessert places in Hull in the comments below!
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