The 10 Best Dark Books To Read This Fall

Fall is a time to curl up under blankets, drink some tea, and read a good, dark book. Here are just 10 of the best dark books to read this fall!

Everyone loves staying indoors once the the leaves change and it gets cold outside, and what better way to get in the fall mood than to curl up and get right into a good, dark book! Here are just 10 of the best dark books to read this fall. You’ll soon be canceling all your plans for your new addiction!

1) The Brief History of the Dead- Kevin Brockmeier

A book that by the end will have you reflecting not only on your current life, but your afterlife. This is a book that compassionately connects two worlds so close yet so far apart in a way that has never been done before. Laura Byrd, our main character and key focal point, is facing her biggest challenge in the coldest area on the planet. She struggles on her journey whilst in in the living scene, realising the world is in chaos but not fully aware that outside of her chaos, the world truly has fallen apart. The focus between her life and the afterlives of those who have been in her life will have you hoping for the conclusion you so wish for. The book answers life’s questions, like what happens when we die, and what is the city of the dead? A book that captivates your soul and a great dark book to read curled up on a rainyday in fall.

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2) The Psychopath Test- Jon Ronson

The word ‘psychopath’ springs a variation of thoughts to mind; however, Jon Ronson’s clever book focuses of on the questions we would never think to ask. His light comedy and enthralling travels let us explore deeper (from a journalist perspective) the word of those who we call ‘psychopaths’. The simplicity of the book has you hooked, and if you don’t at least once check to see if you could be one, then you aren’t entertained enough. This book could change not only the way you think, but the way you look at even the person sitting next to you in that café as you mind your own business and drink your coffee, so beware. This book is exciting and edgy—one of the best dark books to read, and great for some added light humour.

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3) Crossfire series- Sylvia Day

For those readers who love books as a collective, then look no further than Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. With a Fifty Shades touch, this book goes beyond and explores a more intimate couple. The story is less based around the sexual encounter and more on the emotional, deep connection tying two conflicting lovers. Sylvia Day captures what most readers crave, and that is the linked emotional intensity between reader and character. The book is a great read and an insight into the imperfections of even the most powerful and successful elite.

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4) The Diary of A Young Girl- Anne Frank

The diary of the famous Anne Frank chronicles the escape and hiding of her and her Jewish family from Nazi Germany rule, all in the name of survival. The diary, which was discovered by Miep Gies, details the events leading up to and during the family’s hidden confinement during the war. A book inspiring a nation of young females, and all alike, that evil can be triumphed after death, this in-depth account of young Anne captures the physical and emotional turmoil faced by herself and family, something that no writer could ever think or dream. A rarity from such an intelligent soul as this, the book accounts the real events of what actually happened from Anne’s eyes, showing that the courage of one can make a nation listen. A book that is more educational, it is one of the best dark books to read that will draw you in till the very last word written.

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5) Wasted- Maya Hornbacher

Ever wondered what it is like to be a living breathing survivor of an eating disorder? Maya Hornbacher is exactly this. She accounts from a young age the trigger which, throughout her life, led to the struggles she faced with bulimia and anorexia. She also provides an educational account through explanations of medical terms, for readers to have more understanding. This book searches for someone in a time-lapse of Maya’s life, as she searches for herself and the root of her issues. The causes and effects of her decisions lay the path to see what is common even today for ‘the perfect body’. This book does, however, warn that there may be triggers; but it is an inspiring read for those who either wish to lean more or are living with these issues as well.

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6) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- J.K. Rowling

It comes as no surprise that the Harry Potter generation has served us all well and that the famous J.K Rowling has created an empire worth becoming obsessed with. Out of all her Harry Potter books (which are now movie made), the Deathly Hallows portrays the best background and overall story line in the Harry Potter series. This book takes you back forth and around on time’s biggest emotional roller coaster to date. So sit back, relax, and prepared to be addicted the best book of them all, the final chapter. This book is one of the best dark books to read for those who love closure and the series itself.

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7) The Morganville series- Rachel Caine

For the like-minded adventurers out there whose fantasies include being taken away through imagination to another place, then the Morganville series is for you. The small town of Morganville, Texas focuses on the vampire residents that live there safely away from the rest of the world. Residents alike know of the curfew times and why you shouldn’t venture out after dark. Claire, an attendee at the prestige Texas Prairie University, arrives and soon learns the town secrets. She spares no time diving into the unknown drama to save the town and the people she comes to love and care for. The Morganville series is a plentiful series: with around 15 books, it will be series to keep you hooked and enthralled to the very end.

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8) IT- Stephen King

Now a popular movie franchise, IT captures more in the book itself that the portrayal of the movie, definitely. The book looks deeper into the characters themselves and portrays more sexual references in scenes that could never be shown in movies. The scenes that were left out have been branded more important, as they tie in the smallest details of questions that the reader can now answer, as everything isn’t what it seems. IT exposes more symbolic meanings that can only be interpreted by the reader themselves. So this fall, indulge in one of the most iconic, best dark books to read and realise the potential of Pennywise as the entity who should frightened not only the children, but you, too. Every reference is a key that unlocks the mystery.

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9) The Road To Memphis- Mildred D. Taylor

A book that becomes more interesting as the plot begins to piece together, The Road to Memphis presents Cassie Logan, a 17-year-old reaching into the beginning of her adulthood, and the decisions she will make. The novel follows the lives of the Logan family during the time of the Depression in 1941 America. The focus on this family evolves around how they all cope with their own elements, but as a collective face racial tensions. This novel shows how each character grows up and develops differently.  With this book comes betrayal, heartache, and staying true to our passions, so this is a must read about the way life was many years ago.

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10) Hush Hush- Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush Hush is a fantasy romance novel focused around a fallen angel and a human. The mystery surrounding this book is enticing enough to make you question where it could lead. Although this book caters more to those teenagers that enjoy a hopeless romance between two secretive characters, it is one of the best dark books to read for adults, too. Each character takes their own path throughout the novel as tension builds and unresolved mystery abounds as to why each character may or may not be linked to another. With various twists and revelations, this book had captivated a large audience for its style, and it continues into other various sequels.

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There’s something for everyone here, so take your pick! This fall, get that old blanket out, get cosy, and get into a good book. Make the most of being indoors and watch the world around you melt away as you become immersed into one of these top 10 best dark books to read this fall!
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