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6 Best Cup Noodles Ranked From Best To Worst

6 Best Cup Noodles Ranked From Best To Worst

If you attend University chances are you will eat cup noodles so here is a list of the best cup noodles to satisfy your hunger!

If you’re at uni, chances are you’ve indulged in cup noodles (or pot noodles as they’re better known) at some point in your life. While they’re not exactly the most nutritious meal, cup noodles are quick and easy and can help get you through even the worst all nighters. Here’s a selection of some of the best cup noodles out there, ranked from best to worst. All of these can be purchased easily at any supermarket.

1. Nissin Seafood Cup Noodles

Nissin is the original cup noodle brand from Japan, so their cup noodles were sure to top this list. They’ve got all the flavours right in their seafood cup noodles. The noodles are a good texture for the price, and the soup and added flavours don’t taste too artificial. If you want a quick and easy cup noodle option that will still taste delicious, Nissin’s Seafood Cup Noodles are your best bet.


2. Nissin Soba Chilli Noodles

If you’re not a big fan of soup, then go for one of Nissin’s “dry noodle” options. These cup noodles use thicker soba noodles and have a super delicious,¬†properly spicy flavour. This is a great quick meal option on colder days.

3. Kabuto Chicken Pho Rice Noodles

Kabuto sets itself apart from other cup noodle options because it uses rice noodles instead of egg noodles. This means that the noodles are a softer texture than those of other cup noodle brands, and are even good for those on gluten-free diets (or with coeliac disease). These are a great option for a tasty, quick meal.


4. Naked Noodle Thai Green Curry Pot

This cup noodle option actually has some bold flavours that are surprising for an instant meal. If you’re a big fan of thai green curry, then have it delicious noodle form. These cup noodles are fresh and fragrant, and made extra tasty with flavours of roasted garlic.

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5. Ilumi Vietnamese Style Beef Pho

Ilumi is another cup noodle brand that caters to those with a gluten-free diet, but take it a step further by also going dairy-free. The flavours in this pho are pretty accurate for an instant noodle option, and are great for anyone looking for a slightly spicy cup noodle option.


6. Naked Noodle Hoi Sin

These cup noodles are great for anyone craving Chinese food. This is another “dry noodle” option for those who aren’t fans of soup, and comes with the delicious sweet flavours of duck pancakes and hoisin sauce.

What do you think about the rankings of the best cup noodles? Let us know in the comments below!

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