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The Best Coffee Shops In Brighton

The Best Coffee Shops In Brighton

Looking for some cool coffee shops in Brighton? Here are the best places we know, for good coffee and great atmosphere! Try these coffee shops in Brighton, and let us know what you think of our picks!

Here is our list of the best coffee shops in Brighton. The common conception of Brighton is that its a seaside city with vibrant nightlife and a huge LGBT community. While this is correct, Brighton is also known for its large student population, cultural history, and quirky atmosphere. It’s become a home to many different independent businesses, and a hub for independent coffee shops. A visit to Brighton wouldn’t be complete without a visit to some of the cutest coffee shops and cafes around, so here’s a guide of some of the best coffee shops to visit in Brighton.


This coffeehouse is what epitomises Brighton, and if you’re looking for coffee shops in Brighton to visit- be sure to go here. It’s quirky interior matches it’s quirky personality, making it a great place to visit if you really want to understand Brighton’s weirdness. It’s late closing time means that you can also grab a cocktail there in the evening to end your day. You really can’t go wrong!

Small Batch

This small chain has become a staple for Brightonians. A Brighton born brand; Small Batch is out to make unpretentious coffee for the customers of Sussex, while also focusing on using ethically sourced and sustainable coffee beans. Visit there Brighton shops on Jubilee Street, Norfolk Square and Seven Dials. Another spot to visit when searching for coffee shops in Brighton.


Cafe Coho

This coffee shop right in the middle of the Laines, was founded in 2010, and has become a staple for a having a quick coffee and a cake. With their amazing food menu, filled with vegan and gluten free options, you won’t leave hungry.

Red Roaster

Having recently been renovated, make sure you have your phone at the ready to take some insta worthy brunch pics, because Red Rooster is the place to do that. Having been open for 18 years, it’s now described as a ‘modern, beautiful, tranquil space’ be prepared to be stunned as you walk in.


Located in the trendy North Laines, Pelicano is the place to go if you want to people watch Brightonians. You won’t be disappointed in their selections of cakes on offer, and their philosophy to make bad coffee a thing of the past ensures you will have a top quality beverage with it.

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Flower Pot Bakery

While you could easily argue this cafe isn’t technically a coffee shop, but it’s dedication to making good coffee means that it qualifies to be on the list! While grabbing a coffee at this bakery, who aim to delivery delicious artisanal food, grab a loaf of their freshly made bread. 

Presuming Ed

If you’re a student or a teaching, head down to Presuming Ed where you can get a coffee for only £1.50! You can also give back to the community with your visit to this coffee house; if you buy an extra coffee Presuming Ed will donate it to a homeless person for you.


Trading Post Coffee

If you want to experiment with your choice of coffee, Trading Post is the place to do it. They have a vast selection of coffee, including a Nutella latte, and five different types of coffee beans to try.

So there you have it! If you are looking for some great coffee shops in Brighton to visit- here are our favourites. Tell us in the comments which shops you and your friends like the best!

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