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10 Best Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

10 Best Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

There are so many awesome benefits to using coconut oil whether for your hair, skin or health. These are the best coconut oil uses and beauty hacks!

There’s an abundance of lifestyle benefits for incorporating coconut oil into your daily routine. This versatile oil can be used in cooking, health routines and of course, beauty! For the best results, pick up a jar of organic, pure coconut oil available at most grocery stores. Here are 10 of the best beauty hacks using coconut oil:

These are the best coconut oil uses!

1. Cleanser

Coconut oil works miracles with stubborn makeup after a night out. Grab a spoonful of solid oil and rub between your fingers until it turns to liquid. Then work into your skin, taking extra care around the eyes and rinse with water. You’ll be surprised at how well coconut oil breaks down waterproof mascara.


2. Moisturizer

Using oil as a moisturizer can be extremely effective as it is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. Just wipe of any excess after a few minutes.
These are the best coconut oil uses!

3. Lip Balm

Use just a little to re-vamp chapped lips.

4. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a technique that involves swishing a teaspoon of coconut oil around the mouth to “pull” toxins away from the teeth and gums. Desired results include whiter teeth and healthier gums.


Coconut oil pulling is one of the best coconut oil uses!

5. Deep Condition

Coconut oil can be applied directly to hair to add shine and improve the strength of your strands. Apply all over one hour before showering then rinse out completely.

These are the best coconut oil uses for hair treatment!


6. Sunscreen

Our skin is our largest functioning organ so sun protection should always be worn when going outdoors, especially on the face. Coconut oil naturally has a SPF 4; just enough for regular wear. Bear in mind though, if you have a sunny vacation planned, it is definitely best to invest in a product with a higher sun protection factor.


7. Highlighter

Dabbing just a little melted oil to your cheek and brown bones brings a youthful glow to your complexion. This natural makeup substitute can be set with a loose translucent powder.

8. Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick in ‘Unicorn Tears’

If you can’t get your hands on Kylie’s latest lipsticks, this memorizing product will make her just as happy. Reminiscent of unicorns and holograms this lippy is both functional and entertaining.

9. Cuticle Oil

Rub just a little oil on every nail to cure cracked cuticles and strengthen your nails.


Coconut oil is perfect for your cuticles and nails!

10. Night Cream

Working coconut oil into clean skin right before bed will help you wake up with glowing, hydrated skin. Reap maximum moisture and treat redness by mixing in 3 drops of lavender essential oil before applying.

Whether you incorporate all or just one of the above hacks to your daily routine, coconut oil is an amazing product to enhance natural beauty.
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