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The 10 Best Cocktail Spots In Leeds

The 10 Best Cocktail Spots In Leeds

If you want fancy drinks in Leeds these are the places to go! These drinks are to die for and are delicious. Check out the best cocktail spots in Leeds.

If you are looking for the best cocktail spots in Leeds, look no further. Here is a list of the 10 best spots to grab fancy drinks in Leeds.

Dry Dock

Dry Dock is a good place to have a drink. It’s close to university and city centre. The bar looks like a big ship. If you feel hungry. Don’t worry! They have great food to eat. Their duck is very great!

Manahatta Merrion St

This place has a lot of cool alcohols.


Bad Apple

The pictures of wall are very scary.

Santiago Bar

This bar has the most extensive collections of hard alcohol in the whole city. If you are a rocker here is the best place for you to drink.

Hyde Park Pub

This place is a good place to eat and drink. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. They also welcome group parties. It’s a nice a place to chill out with friends. Their beef burger is very delicious and you can have any drink you like.

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The Cuthbert Brodrick

This bar is good place to go on Sunday night after a sermon. It’s near church and university and city centre.

The Picture House

The Picture House is a very traditional British restaurant. Most people would have a drink or meal here. If you like sports you would love this place. They play sports on TV all the time!


Library is a bar near Hyde park and Leeds University. They offer drink, food and good music. SMOOTHIE is one of the best drinks in Library.

Blayd’s Bar

This place is a good bar and you can dance with your friends here.


OldĀ Bar

Old Bar is in the Leeds University Union. They offer cheap wine and beer for students. Everyone can come this bar to have a drink.

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