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8 Best Brunch Places In Birmingham

8 Best Brunch Places In Birmingham

When you move to a new city, whether you move for uni or for a new jobs, it’s crucial for you to know where all the best places to eat out are. Even if you’re just visiting, you need to know whats on offer. So, inevitably, you need to know where the best brunch places are.. Brunch is a great meal. Perfect for whether you want to eat out alone or with friends. You don’t have to worry about being up and out of the house at the crack of dawn like you do with breakfast, or if you’ve had breakfast and can’t wait for lunch, then brunch is your best friend. So, here is a list of the 8 best brunch places in Birmingham, to help you out if you ever find yourself in need.

1. The Boston Tea party

The great thing about The Boston Tea Party is not only the huge list of food and drinks, but it’s one of the best brunch places in Birmingham because they serve their breakfast menu all day. From smoked salmon and avocado on toast, to pancakes, big breakfasts and burgers, there’s something for everyone. If the food wasn’t enough to draw you in the old industrial decor certainly will. (And if that’s still not enough, it’s dog friendly. Something all brunch places need in my opinion).

8 Best Brunch Places In Birmingham

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2. Gas Street Social

If you’re someone who likes a boozy brunch option, then Gas Street social is probably one of the best brunch places for you. Gas street social is so great because of its bottomless brunch option (where you’re encouraged to drink as much as you can). What makes it one of the best brunch places is that in order to let yourself go and get involved with bottomless brunch, you don’t have to have a typical “brunch” menu item, you can have a steak if that’s what takes your fancy.

3. Urban

Urban is a coffee shop, tucked away in the centre of Birmingham. As far as coffee shops go, they’re very serious about their coffee and are partners of the Origin coffee company, based in Cornwall. But, they are also one of the best brunch places in Birmingham. If coffee isn’t your thing, they also serve bottomless bucks fizz or bloody marys, and in terms of food they offer just about everything from toast, to different types of eggs, to pancakes.

4. The Bristol Pear

If you’re a uni student living in Birmingham, chances are you’ll find yourself in Selly Oak at some point, for whatever reason that may be. Whilst you’re there make sure to visit what is arguably the best pub in Selly, The Bristol Pear. While this is not one of your typical brunch places, they do serve breakfast all day, so that counts right? They have a great selection of breakfast and main menu foods, suitable for meat eaters, veggies and vegan alike. A great little thing about The Bristol Pear is pancake Tuesdays, where every pancake is 25p!! As a student, what more could you ask for really!?

8 Best Brunch Places In Birmingham

5. Kanteen

If you’re someone who prefers healthier options when it comes to brunch places, then Kanteen is a great one for you. Kanteen is all about food that makes you feel good whilst tasting great and showing you that eating healthy does not mean having to compromise on taste! They have so much to offer; from big plates; to small plates; or fruits; grains and toast. Kanteen is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, from the location to the interior, there really aren’t many better brunch places.

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6. Lewis’s

Lewis’s is one of the best independent brunch places in Birmingham, now located in St Mary’s Row in Moseley. Lewis’s offer an all day brunch menu, so if midday is still too early for you, then you won’t miss out on the great food they have to offer! What’s great about Lewis’s is they offer such a wide range of food, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a fussy eater or willing to eat anything in sight, you’ll still be spoilt for choice!

7. Saint Kitchen

Saint Caffe has grown up, spread its wings and is now Saint Kitchen. One of the many great brunch places in Birmingham, Saint Kitchen has so much to offer for brunch (which is served all day), many of which are brunch classics, with little twists; such as the Spanish Butter Eggs and Saint’s Style Smashed Avo. You just have to try them for yourselves.

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8. Cafe Artum

Cafe Artum is again, not one of your typical brunch places, but is definitely still a must visit! Cafe Artum is a kind of coffee shop, come vinyl shop, come art space. It’s a great place to sit back and hang out with your friends, and is a great distance from a couple of the uni’s if you’re a student and have a bit of spare time between lectures. They also have a great little selection of sandwiches and cakes suitable for everyone!

8 Best Brunch Places In Birmingham

Have you tried any of the amazing Birmingham brunch places? Let us know in the comments below!

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