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Best Brands For Fine Gold Jewellery

Best Brands For Fine Gold Jewellery

Everyone seems to be jumping on the gold jewelry bandwagon. If you have not yet done so, here is some inspiration for you! Dainty, fine, gold jewelry looks good on everyone, and it can look amazing both casual and dressed up.

Here are some of the most stunning brands for fine gold jewelry. Get shopping!

By Charlotte

This brand is by far my favourite brand to wear. It was created by Charlotte Blakeney, it is a bohemian jewelry brand that is centred around enlightenment, spirituality, love, and harmony. By Charlotte is a simple and minimalistic brand that looks amazing layered. By Charlotte is the perfect brand for all of those who want to wear jewelry with intention.


This brand is super high quality and looks great with absolutely everything. This brand is truly timeless and contains pieces that are beautiful and can be worn day and night. This is the perfect fine jewelry brand! 

Samantha Wills 

This brand contains many pieces that can be a little more distinctive than By Charlotte. Samantha Wills is another Australian brand that adorns beautiful stones and gems to create unique and eye-catching pieces. This brand is super bohemian and is perfect for those of you who enjoy making their jewelry the statement piece with every outfit. Samantha Wills has a very high-end client list, if you want to join this A-list client list then you better get shopping and start your collection of Samantha Wills. 


Aletheia & Phos 

The Australians are truly taking over the jewelry game right now because Aletheia & Phos is another one. This brand allows you to wear your values through jewelry that embodies inclusiveness, human connection, and passion. Each piece is handcrafted, to make each piece unique, and perfectly beautiful. This brand supports ethical jewelry creation and production.

These pieces aim to be distinctive yet timeless. This is a brand that you should definitely check out if you like the idea of jewellery that does not look like anything else you have seen before. If you want pieces that express who you are and your soul, then this is a brand you should check out now! 



This brand strives on the idea that jewelry shouldn’t be chosen and purchased because it goes with every outfit, it should be chosen and purchased because it is beautiful and it makes you smile. The jewelry should be the eye-catcher. This brand is inspired by the traveller and different cultures. Fairley uses old techniques to create its jewelry.

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This gives the pieces a distinctive, one of a kind finish. Many of these pieces contain many uniques gems that were all handpicked. No two pieces are the same. If you want a brand that is incredibly unique then this is the one for you!

Wanderlust + Co 

This brands name says it all, all of the pieces are slightly quirky yet beautifully simple. If you want to add a little colour and distinctive nature to your jewelry collection then this is the brand for you. All of their pieces are free from nickel, brass and lead. These pieces can be layered to create a very distinctive look.


You will be getting compliments all day long when people see you sporting this truly one of a kind brand. These pieces contain ethically sourced opals, gems and glass stones, to create a super shiny and light-catching look. Give this one a look when you are in the market for some gold jewelry!

Are you in love with all of this gold jewelry yet? Let us know which of these brands you will be having a look at first! 

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