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10 Of The Best Braid Ideas You Should Try

10 Of The Best Braid Ideas You Should Try

Check these best braid ideas and let you be inspired! Here are listed 10 looks that every braids maniac should try.

Looking for the best braid ideas to try out? From TV stars to common people, we can constantly get inspired and dare something new. How not to be crazy about braids? They are practical for traveling or working, perfect for boosting your look up at parties and never banal. Cute and sophisticated at the same time, braided hair can simply enrich your everyday style with a pinch of originality.

Simple, French style, on the side, double or multiples: you have plenty of options among which you can choose. Well, it’s time to take your braid game to the next level! Check out this list of the best braids ideas and unleash your creativity!

1. Ribbon Braid

Sometimes an expensive and fancy dress is unnecessary to get unnoticed during a party. Thanks to this ribbon hair that comes out from a reserved dutch braid, you will have all the eyes on you. So cute!


2. Fishtail Style

So eye-catching and easy to make, fishtail hairstyle is one of the best braid ideas ever. On top of that, there are infinite ways to try it. On the back or on the side, taking up all your hair or just a part, single or double. Choose your favorite style!

3. Double Dutch Braids

If they are so trendy, there must be a reason. Practical as well as attractive, double dutch braids are so easy to make – once you’ve mastered the technique, of course. Your hair will always be on fleek thanks to this style. On top of that, when you unbraid your hair, you’ll be left with the most beautiful waves ever!

4. Twisted Braids Ending In Ponytails

Do you fancy something unusual? Do you want to impress people with your everyday hairstyle? In that case, you should definitely try this look! Among the best braid ideas that you can choose, these twisted braids are a creative and amazing way to reinvent what ponytail and braid mean. Lush!


5. Top Braided Into High Ponytail

Who says that a ponytail is just boring? Braiding the top of your head tightly, let these braids be part of your pony and admire the result. A simple way to increase the attractiveness of your style, what do you reckon?

6. Pony-braid

For the one who is such a bungler when it comes to styling her hair, don’t worry! I have the solution to your hairstyle problems. Making a pony-braid is really easy and it is one of the best braid ideas. You just need to make a simple braid out of your ponytail hair. Really simple, but so cute!

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7. Double Bun-braids

When we keep our hair down, it’s often annoying having locks that end up into our face. If you are not keen to wear a hairband, why don’t you do two buns on top of your head? Fresh and funny, they can look amazing combined with a pair of braids.

8. Tight Braid With Shaved Side

Having a shaved side doesn’t mean that you are out from the game of braids. Indeed, my favourite best braid ideas are the ones able to enhance your shaved haircut. Look at this: a tight little braid as a frame of your shaved side. Really stylish and chic!

9. Double Braids On Side

Do you like the shaved side effect but you are not brave enough to shave half of your head off? With some small and tight braids on the side of your head, you will be able to achieve the same result. Plus, there are lots of combinations with which you can dare this new style!


10. Multiple Boxer Braids

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, boxer braids have become a must-have among the best braid ideas. Do you want to try something new? Instead of doing the classical version, fill your head up with multiple braids and, then, intertwine them in two long braids. A bung-up outcome is guaranteed!

Do you like these looks? Do you have other ideas in mind? Let me know in the comments below and share your best braided hairstyle!

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