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The 6 Best Blind Date Questions to Get to Know Your Date

The 6 Best Blind Date Questions to Get to Know Your Date

Here are the best blind date questions to ask for a fun and casual first date! Avoid awkward pauses and just have a good time with these tips!

Blind dates can be super fun, but one thing that’s always awkward is getting to know each other. No one wants to go down the cliche ‘what’s your favourite colour/food/film?’ route, but it can be difficult to come up with questions to ask them, especially when there is so much pressure to ask each other questions. However, there are some great questions to ask that will get conversation flowing and stop the date from feeling to awkward. Here are the best blind date questions to get to know your date.

1. Why Did You Agree To A Blind Date?

If the pair of you agreed to a blind date, chances are that you both have your reasons for being there. This can help get conversation flowing as they’ll likely ask you why you came on the date too. If you’ve been set up by a pair of friends, ask them how they know the friend(s) that you share. This is a good way to start talking as if they’ve known your friend for a long time, you can ask for embarrassing stories about them, which will get you both laughing. Great options for blind date questions!

2. What’s Your Least Favourite Food?

Everyone’s used to that classic cliche, but turning it on its head can give you a good scope for debate, especially if their least favourite happens to be your favourite. If you have the same least favourite foods, then you know that you have this in common and can bond over your hatred of whatever food it is. This helps you to get to know your date as you can see how much of a picky eater they are, and whether or not you have similar tastes. Some great blind date questions!


3. What Were You Like As A Kid?

Everyone has some great childhood memories and stories, so asking this question is like digging into a goldmine for both you and your date. This can help you to get to know your date through them telling you cute and/or funny stories about themselves, which is always nice to listen to. You can compare childhoods and your younger personalities, and this can help you gauge how well you get on as people – if they haven’t changed that much since they were a child then you can see how well you’ll get on as adults.

4. What’s The Biggest Thing You’ve Ever Kept From Your Parents?

Sharing secrets is a great way to emotionally bond with someone, and sharing secrets like this can give you a good giggle about whatever risky/embarrassing things the pair of you have had to keep secret from your parents. This can help you to get to know your date as you’ll find out what they were like as a teenager and whether or not they were that rebellious. These stories can also tend to be sexual in nature, so if you’re feeling that kind of way about your date, then this is a great opportunity to do some flirting. Some great blind date questions!

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5. I’ve Been Watching [Insert Show Here] And I Love It. What TV Are You Into At The Moment?

In the binge watching age, everyone is into at least one TV programme. This helps you get to know your date whilst also talking about yourself. Knowing what TV they’re into is useful as it helps you know if your watching habits are compatible and also you get to watch your date talk about something they really like. Plus, if you both like the same show and the date is going well, you could invite them back to yours to watch it together.

6. Do You Have Any Pets?

This is a subtle way of finding out if your date is a cat or dog person, and will also help get them gushing about whatever adorable creature they have as a companion. If they don’t have pets, ask them what their ideal pet is. This is a great topic as it means you can both talk about animals that you love, and you might even get to see some cute picture of the animals in question. A great option for blind date questions!

Any other blind date questions that you usually ask? Let us know in the comments below!

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