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The 10 Best Bars In Southampton To Go Out To With Your BFFs

The 10 Best Bars In Southampton To Go Out To With Your BFFs

Here's a list of the best bars in Southampton to go to with your best friend. These Southampton bars will not disappoint. It's no wonder they make the list.

Everyone enjoys a good night out every so often with your group of friends or that special someone. But sometimes, it’s nice and relaxing to go out with your select few besties and just have a good chat over a couple of drinks. Maybe to catch up on the latest gossip or swap uni stories. Whatever the occasion, within the list below, you will find the 10 best bars in Southampton to go out to with your BFF’s.

1. Revolutions

For those delicious cocktails you’ve been craving after a hard day at work or uni, Revs is the place to go for a good gossip with your main pals over a refreshing drink.


2. Turtle Bay

With a fun, friendly atmosphere and 2-for-1 cocktails where else would you look?

3. Pre-Bar

Best known for their cheap drinks, Pre-Bar is always a good place to go if you fancy a friendly atmosphere and somewhere to have a couple of drinks without breaking into your bank account too much…and there is always some form of music happening down there so make sure to go on a night that suits your preferred music taste.


4. Orange Rooms

In the heart of Bedford Place, Orange Rooms is a bar to hit with your BFF’s if you fancy going out into the middle of the nightlife scene for a session of dancing and bonding this is the best bar in Southampton to hit first with their unique cocktails to get you in a going out mood.

5. Wetherspoons

When making a list of places to go out for a couple of drinks and a good chat, you can’t really leave Wetherspoons of the list. It seriously is one of the best bars in Southampton. Their cheap prices and comfortable atmosphere make this one of the perfect places to go to have a long catch up with your bestie.

6. All Bar One

Situated in the middle of the outer section of West Quay, this restaurant/bar is a sociable place to visit with your favourite people with the various drinks available to you in an always busy part of Southampton, you won’t be short of anything to talk about.


7. Shooting Star

Known for the galactic named cocktails and outdoor BBQ this is definitely the relaxed atmospheric bar to go to with your BFF’s if you’re looking to challenge them to a game of pool….I’d say loser buys the next round?


8. The Alexandra

A smaller bars to the rest on this list with its live music set up in one corner and games in another corner there is always something going on at The Alex for you and your friends to enjoy. This is by far one of the best bars in Southampton.

9. London Road Brew House

Stocked to the brim with craft beer and accompanied with pizza what more could you ask for?


10. Yates’s

If you and your BFF’s love a pub quiz – with a bit of a twist – then Sunday nights at Yates’s with their fun looking cocktails is the place for you to visit to test your knowledge.

Have you been to any of these best bars in Southampton? Let us know in the comments below!
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