15 Best Bars In Southampton To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

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Celebrating your 21st birthday is always expected to be a blast! So, to make sure you don’t do it improperly, here are the 15 best bars in Southampton that will guarantee you a great time.

1. Oceana

It’s the biggest nightclub in southampton, therefore one of the best places to party it up for your 21st. You’ll always find a room with music you like. This club has three main rooms. The disco room, the R&B room and finally the Ice House. Therefore this is one of the best places to celebrate your 21st. Hire out a booth and make the night even more worthwhile with extra alcohol.

2. Switch

If you love House, Dance and R&B music, Switch is the place to be! It’s always busy and on Saturdays they have guest DJ’s performing. Think how awesome it could be to celebrate your 21st at this modern club.


3. Buddha

One of the more classier establishments in Southampton. Located in Bedford Place, it is one of the sleekest places and must be visited if you’re looking for a club that plays the latest chart and R&B music. I’d have to say, it I were to celebrate my birthday anywhere it would be here, you’ll be assure to have a fabulous 21st here. Its one of the best bars In Southampton.

4. Pop World

Maybe you’re more into the pop classics, and what better way to celebrate your 21st birthday than with some awesome blasts from the past from the 90’s and 00. It is honestly the best place for old classics in pop and classic rock floor fillers. A funky dance floor and a stripper pole (yes a stripper pole) when you’re drunk are a recipe for a fab, unforgettable 21st birthday.

5. The Edge

The best gay club in Southampton, hands down. Sometimes the the best nights happen simply in the smoking area, not only this but the music is fab and is one of the best nights in Southampton. This could be one of the best nights out you’ll ever have, so why not plan your 21st around it.


6. Revolution

Seen up and down the country, you know what to expect from Revs. Revolution plays the newest chart classics, you’re bound to have an awesome night! If you’re looking for a rather classy and fabulous 21st night out with your girlfriends Revolution Bars is the best place to be, especially because of their variety of exotic cocktails. Another one of the greatest bars in Southampton.

7. Turtle Bay

A bar and restaurant that is a very unique place and is great for a chilled night out. If you’re not into the whole clubbing scene but enjoy a good night out, Turtle Bay is the place to go. From 10-close cocktails are 2-for-1 and when they’re this good, you’ll be thankful to be getting two.



8. Brew House

If you would prefer a more chilled out 21st, head to the chicest brewhouse in Southampton, With its modern take on on vintage shabby chic interior design and with some very unique drinks, it has to be one of the coolest places to celebrate your birthday, even if it just starts the night off and you carry on the crazy night else where.


9. Orange Rooms

Head here for your 21st pre drinks after the pre drinks at your house (because obviously it is going to be an awesome night and you need double the pre drinks.) With delicious cocktails and catchy music, it’s a must for your birthday.


10. Tokyo

Another place in the Bedford Place square. Make it a 21st club crawl and tick off all the clubs as you go. With its awesome interior design, quick service and the latest chart music and remixes, it will 100% make a fabulous stop off.


11. 90º

Tick this one off too, 90º is another place that is perfect to celebrate the big 2 1. A large variety in drinks means you can experiment with new drinks and cocktails, which obviously always makes for a memorable and exotic night. They may even get you a deal for your birthday.


12. Junk

One of the best places in Southampton for House and Dance music. Quite small but the intimate atmosphere makes it like no other club in Southampton, therefore a great place to go for a unique 21st birthday, suited to you.



13. Café Parfait

Definitely a unique place to go for your 21st Birthday. There’s a quirky outdoor smoking area and chances to book VIP sections. Chilled vibes, awesome music and cheap drinks, everyone will be assure to have fun celebrating your 21st.

14.  Pub crawl- London Road BrewHouse, Giddy Bridge, Bedford Arms, Frog and Parrot, Spitfire, Yates…

Say club aren’t your thing, well Southampton has got some great pubs and what’s more, most are on the main street ad follow onto London Road, so celebrate the night by going on a pub crawl and getting plastered at each and every one. You’ll be assured an awesome night and whats best is that you’ll be spending it with the people you want to spend it with.


Travel and share a drink and a moment at the hostel.

15. Your House

Although not necessarily a bar, you can be assure that a house party will be an awesome way to spend your 21st, the only people there will be people you want to spend your birthday with and you can be assured that the music will always be your taste, from pop and dance music to classic rock anthems, whatever you’re into. And you can drink as much as you want, your bed is there and ready to take you in your drunken state.

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Any other ideas for bars in Southampton to celebrate your 21st?! Drop a line!
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