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The 10 Best Bars In Leamington

The 10 Best Bars In Leamington

The 10 Best Bars In Leamington

Leamington Spa is becoming a popular area for students and young professionals, meaning that the quality of nightlife is constantly getting better and better. Some of our favourite nightlife are located in innocent looking café’s or restaurants in the day, but get transformed into something mischievous and wild  at night, here are the top 10 best bars in Leamington Spa!

1. The Anti Social

The Anti Social is a restaurant/bar/local pub all wrapped into one. They have a minimalistic bar downstairs, with a artistic 2D style room located in the back room, with an upstairs roof terrace in Summer. They have a wide selection of spirits and drinks, and their nightlife can’t be paralleled with their Tuesday night pre drinks before Smack, normally with the whole of the Anti Social being full!


2. Bedford Street

Bedford Street is the place to go if you love live entertainment most nights of the week! Open mic nights, live bands and performing bands are a regular occurrence at Bedford Street. With prosecco and spirits often on offer, this is an amazing place to meet with friends for a lively night out. They have a nice outdoor area to sit out and people watch, or a trendy inner area that is decorated to perfection.

3. (Ape Hangers) Procaffinate

Ape Hangers is one of the most inventive places on the list, with entry only by a fridge you can enter the downstairs underground bar. Ape Hangers is home to over 100 beers, a few select cocktails and some delicious food for all occasions. With weekly live music and an interest in jazz, Ape Hangers is the chill out place to go in Leamington!


4. Fizzy Moon

Known for it’s amazing selection of gins, Fizzy Moon really has a selection for anyone. Their raspberry gin and tonic really took Leamington by storm and got Fizzy Moon up and running! Now they have a regular clientele with a live band night every week. They also have an open mic night for any budding singers or poets out there.


5. Fox and Viviane

The Fox and Viviane is bursting with draught beers, large burgers and all the wings you can eat. Normally packed, this thriving place is the meeting ground for the Wasps Rugby supporters and many of their players, showing that this is truly the neighbourhood pub for anyone. Their menu boasts mac and cheese, a wide selection of burgers and fried mac n cheese, with many unique beers being on draught!

6. Moo

Moo’s nightlife is unlike any other. With this being a party for all, in Moo you make friends with just about anyone there. Often with 80’s nights (Moo-Ami Vice) on bank holidays, and a wide space for those dancing, Moo is the place to go when you just want to go and have fun with your friends. With a  wide bar and many drinks on offer, Moo is the destination for when you want a wild night at a bar, the staff are friendly and the drinks are fast!

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7. Clink

Clink, the over 21 bar that is a secret to most of Leamington. Kept underground, Clink is home to the more mature clientele, they have a separated dance floor and bar area that makes the whole place feel secretive and naughty. There is lots of seating, making this a great place to socialise and find new people!

8. The Fat Pug

One of the best pub/bar’s in a neighbourhood setting is the Fat Pug. With some of the most wild new year’s parties, numerous quiz nights and themed drinking nights, The Fat Pug wins the prize for the most thoughtful bar on the list. They cater to your every wish, with some of the friendliest staff in Leamington, always willing to have a chat when you drop in! (Not to mention the cute dogs that visit this pub on a daily basis!)


9. House

Recently developed, House is a kooky place to visit when you want unique cocktails or hand chosen beers. House appears to be a bit of a wonderland, with multiple rooms that boast different decorations. House is the perfect meeting ground for friends, family and dates, with there being many secluded areas styled to a very modern standard.


10. The White Horse

A famous favourite to those who live in Leamington, The White Horse is a family favourite for good drinks, good food and good company. They have a huge outdoor space which is a perfect place to sit on a Summer’s evening, or a comfortable inner space that is large enough to sit the dozens that will be there on a busy weekend night.

Don’t see your favourite bar in Leamington Spa? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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