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The 10 Best Barre Studios In London That You Need To Check Out

The 10 Best Barre Studios In London That You Need To Check Out

Check out the trending barre studios In London! Discover our selection of the best barre studios In London you have to try out!

Barre is amazing for toning, lengthening and strengthening your muscles – especially your legs and abs. Barre classes often incorporate a mix of mat pilates, yoga and ballet. The exercises in barre studios In London are extremely targeted to small muscles, which encourages your muscles to burn out faster – don’t be afraid of the shaking! Often, you’ll use equipment like resistance bands, mini-balls and small dumbbells to take your workout to the next level. There are now a great selection of barre studios In London – check them out here!

Find out about the best barre studios in London!

Paola’s BodyBarre

Paola’s BodyBarre offers a whole range of barre classes from hot barre to pilates barre. Their signature class is described as: “dynamic, fun, and high energy (yet low impact). The PBB Signature gets into the deeper stabilising muscles, as well as the peripheral (global) muscles, working them to the limit giving you a tight, chiselled body. After just three or four sessions, you can expect long lean muscles, amazing posture and an incredibly strong core.”


Their barre studios In London are based in Fulham and Wimbledon Village.


Barrecore first launched in London in 2011, and was the first specialist barre fitness studio in the UK. Barrecore’s founder, Niki, had recently moved from Los Angeles and was surprised to discover that the boutique fitness trend she had left behind was yet to arrive in London. They offer barre for all levels as well as introduction classes for beginners and advanced barre classes for pros.

They have locations across London in Chelsea, Chiswick, Hampstead, Kensington, Mayfair, Moorgate, Notting Hill, Wandsworth and Wimbledon Village.


The Refinery

Apparently, a barre class at The Refinery is fun, fun, fun! Their ballet inspired barre classes are designed to firm your booty and thighs, sculpt sleek and shapely arms and melt away stubborn belly fat. Expect amazing playlists, high energy and amazing fast results. They even have disco-themed barre!

The Refinery fitness studio is based in Hackney.


Barreworks is a fitness boutique barre experience. They have a variety of barre classes for everyone: men, pre- and post-natal and private lessons. Their workouts are for anyone who wants the body of a dancer. Sign us up!


Barreworks studio is in Richmond.

Find out about the best barre studios in London!

Barre at Move Your Frame

A favourite among models, Frame Barre, “is a low intensity class designed to work your entire body and increase your strength & flexibility.” Their exercises have been choreographed to work your entire body and fire up your metabolism ensuring calorie burn long after your workout is finished!


Move Your Frame offer barre classes in Shoreditch, Queens Park, Kings Cross, Victoria, Hammersmith and Fitzrovia.

Barre at Heartcore

Heartcore offer Barre 55 minutes (signature), Barre 45 minutes and XYB: a mix of yoga and dynamic pilates. A barre class at Heartcore will have you glowing from the inside out using a continuous flow of movements that are sequenced to improve your flexibility and core strength.

Heartcore offer barre in Chelsea, the City and St John’s Wood.


Xtend Barre

Xtend Barre is a barre-based, full-body workout designed for everyone – women, men, beginners, runners, swimmers, weekend warriors. Anyone who wants and needs to move their body for strength, power, cardio and confidence!

Check out Xtend Barre’s only location in the UK in Marylebone.


Find out about the best barre studios in London!

Barre at Triyoga

Barre classes at Triyoga are dynamic and engaging. Exercises are performed with the support of a ballet barre, small weights, pilates balls and resistance bands. Be sure to book in advance as these classes fill up fast!


Barre classes are available at Triyoga’s Camden and Shoreditch locations.

Barre at Equinox

Equinox offer a whole variety of different barre classes for you to try: barre bootcamp, barre burn, true barre and trilogy barre. Their signature barre class will take ballet to the next level by combining focused, precise techniques with intensity for a full body workout.

Equinox offers at their location in Kensington.


Barre at Blok 

Blok’s barre class will take you through a short mobility and stretch warm up, followed by some arm definition, using small weights and isometric holds. From there, you’ll take it to the barre to focus on lengthening and toning thighs and glutes. The class will end with ab exercises to cement the foundations of a strong a healthy physique. Prepare yourself for a total body workout!

Blok’s fitness space is located in Clapton.

Find out about the best barre studios in London!


Have you been to any of these barre studios in London yet? Let us know in the comment section below!

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