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10 Best Apps To Kill Time On

10 Best Apps To Kill Time On

10 Best Apps To Kill Time On

Finding the best apps to help you kill time can be difficult. There’s just so many different apps to choose from! Whenever you’re bored or just need something to focus on, you can always rely on the apps below to have your back. Just don’t blame me if you get addicted!

1. OpenTalk

Image a world without boundaries, where you can talk to anyone regardless of your location. With OpenTalk, that’s possible. Talking to others is the best way to kill time, and what’s better than meeting people that live around the world? Who knows, you might find a new friend!

2. QuizUp

Test your trivia knowledge with the endless quizzes supplied by QuizUp. Who doesn’t enjoying learning random information and facts? The best part about QuizUp, is that there’s a multiplayer option, so you can always test your knowledge with other players.


3. Duolingo

Ever thought about learning a new language? Whether it’s Spanish, Japanese or German (and many more!), Duo Lingo has easy to learn lessons just for you. Duolingo is one of the best apps for learning a new language, making fun and competitive, and who doesn’t want to learn something while they’re killing time?

4. Tender

Tender is like Tinder, but for foodies. Get new recipes right away and swipe right to save the ones you want to try out. It keeps all your saved recipes, so you never have to worry about finding new recipes again. Try not to get too hungry while killing time on Tender!

5. 2048

Give your brain a workout while killing time with 2048. Use your skills in mathematic to swipe tiles together until you reach the number 2048. Endlessly entertaining, time will fly by the moment you open this app.


6. Flow Free

Whenever I need to kill time, I always turn to Flow Free. Connect dots of matching colour with pipes to create a ‘flow’. With a certain amount of space to fill, you’ll need to think about how you connect the dots, as pipes will break if they cross or overlap. It’s way easier than it sounds, so give Flow Free a go!

7. StumbleUpon

Ever wish that Facebook, Instagram and YouTube could be combined into one app? Well, say hello to StumbleUpon, a discover engine in an app. Personalise your page to find the perfect websites, videos, gifs and photos to check out when you’ve got nothing else to do. Who knows? You might just learn a thing or two when you’re scrolling.

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8. Paperama

How does creating some beautiful origami with your phone sound? Paperama is an addictive game in which you solve puzzles by folding paper with limited steps and limited time. With over 70 puzzles and 3D animations, you’ll always turn to Paperama when you have nothing else to do.

9. The Tower

The Tower is an easy game that helps you build towers from a variety of different ‘blocks’. Tap the screen to carefully drop the block in place, aiming to build the tower as tall as you can. With different buildings and atmosphere, you’ll always feel accomplished while playing The Tower. Just make sure to place the blocks carefully to beat your high score!

10. Two Dots

Ever wondered about what would happen if Candy Crush and Flow Free were combined? Well, get ready to download Two Dots. Two Dots is a minimalist colour matching game that required to create square by connecting dots of the same colour. It’s design is easy on the eyes, but your brain will always be ready for the next level.


Excited to try out these best apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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