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12 Best Aldi Beauty Products You Are Missing Out On

12 Best Aldi Beauty Products You Are Missing Out On

These are the best Aldi products we have found!

We have found the best Aldi beauty products that you’re probably missing out on. When we think of Aldi we don’t think of the place to go for those innovative, life changing beauty products do we? Lo and behold, every bargain-hunters, student-living, penny-wise’s dreams have come true. Aldi’s own beauty and make-up brand Lacura is something you need to get your hands (and face) on! Here are the 12 best products you are missing out on…

1) Lacura Q10 Multi-Intensive Serum

We all know the importance on starting those ‘anti-wrinkle’ treatments before time is too late (thanks for the heads up Grandma), but trying to save for those lavish holidays, dreamy handbags and, well, living a comfortable student life can be difficult! Especially when the majority of anti wrinkle serums on the market start at around £30. Sent down from heaven, Aldi’s Lacura have provided a great, and affordable, option! Ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines, prevent ageing skin and rejuvenate old skin is something only dreams are made off. This is one of the best Aldi beauty products we have found so far!


2) Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1

This 2 in 1 foundation and concealer pot is great for travel, throwing in our makeup bags and giving us that flawless coverage for a very little price! Slashing the cash on makeup can be something we don’t like to part with, but we sometimes find necessary. However, this little gem is a great way to look super fleek, picture-perfect and keep some pennies in the purse!

3) Lacura Spa Body Mask

Living the lux spa-going life is something we all desire… but our shallow pockets say otherwise. This little pot of miracles is a great way to bring the spa home to us. A spa-treatment in a pot, with seaweed extracts, sea salts and blends of clay can extract those impurities and rejuvenate our tired, student-stress skin. A product that feels like luxury without that luxury price tag – hallelujah. One of the best Aldi beauty products you can indulge in.


4) Lacura Cocoa Glow Spray Moisturiser

As these summer days and heat-wave bank hols have come around faster than we can say ‘I need a tan’, we realise just how our winter skin isn’t looking to pretty, nor summer ready! We all want that sun-kissed glow when the weather picks up, and this product is the perfect answer to those last-min ‘I need a tan’ moments. a spray on moisturiser keeps our skin hydrated and flake-free while adding a slight cocoa glow.


5) Lacura Natural Eyeshadow Palette Two

This nifty palette comes with 12 shades for those natural eye-shadow looks we can replicate from those make-up guru Insta gal’s – without having to dip into our student loan or parent’s pockets to afford! You get the option to opt for those more subtle glowy looks or those vamped up party eyes for such a little price – thank you Aldi!

6) Lacura Green Tea Face Mask 2 Pack

There is always a new product that we are believed to think we need for our skincare regime, but for us student’s, our skincare regime is not so collated… guilty. We are always being pressured into thinking we need the highest end and most expensive skincare product on the market for it to actually do something. However, these face-sheet masks give our skin everything we need – flawless glowy skin, extracts impurities and rejuvenates our skin, with green tea extracts to help reduce and prevent break-outs.


7) Lacura Caviar Day and Night Cream

A set of two luxury skin care products is something we can only ever dream off affording, or we have to wait for those ‘student loan texts’ or Christmas or birthday gifts to receive. Aldi’s Lacura has provided us with a set of two day cream and night cream to help us look somewhat alive and as though we haven’t spent all night either partying or revising.


8) Lacura Pink Make Up Sponge

What student has the money to splurge on £18 makeup sponges (tell me how you do it)!? Do we really need a sponge worth that much to apply our makeup? I’m not too sure, but I have somehow survived without it so far. However, our new best friend Lacura has a great dupe for only a fraction (if that) of the price!!

9) Lacura Concealer Pen

Every students best friend: concealer – something that we seem to go through faster than ready-meals. For most people this is their go-to, ride or die beauty product that saves us from those darkest of circle days. Drugstore shops have been dominating the concealer game right now and taking the limelight from those more prestigious make-up brands that ask for an arm and a leg in exchange for their concealer. Aldi has jumped on this hype and have given us a great concealer pen we can throw in our bags for those long library days and nights we can actually afford! One of the best Aldi beauty products!

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10) Argan Oil Night Cream

For some unknown reason natural ingredients can be sold at extortionate prices, and it would sometimes be cheaper to visiting that unknown destination in Morocco to find and retrieve ourselves. However, Aldi’s argan oil night cream is every penny-watchers best friend! A cream that can be left on over night to heal and repair skin, leaving it moisturised and youthful is a miracle! This is another one of the best Aldi beauty products we have discovered thus far!


11) Lacura Daily Cleansing Pads 60 Pack

Anyone else to money cautious to splash cash on exfoliating skincare or is that just me? Do I really need it? Is it worth it? My skin is okay, I guess? Is something I ask myself whenever I hear anyone preach about the importance of exfoliating. Lacura, god bless you, has their own exfoliating product that doesn’t make me question whether I need it or not – because frankly, I do, who was I kidding?


12) Lacura Expert Double Effect Eye Gel

To many skincare experts and beauty advisors, eye cream is the most important product to ensure our skin remains as plump and youthful as possible. It is something we don’t see age until we get really old, and we can then tell how well we looked after our under eyes. So it is best to start looking after them now because there will be no turning back time. Lacura’s eye effect gel is a great and affordable product that will diminish those student-tired eyes we have come to accept, and helps reduce fine lines.

These are the best Aldi beauty products we have found! Which ones will you try?

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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