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The Best Alcoholic Gluten Free Drinks To Have At Uni

It’s no secret that many students when they go to university will indulge in a little alcohol whilst at university. Interestingly, many alcoholic drinks are brewed now that are gluten-free, especially craft beer and other distilled drinks. It’s the distillation process that has an effect on whether an alcoholic drink turns out to have gluten or not, but you’ll be surprised as to how many alcoholic drinks are gluten-free, including some of the favourites! That’s why we have rounded up some of the alcoholic gluten free drinks to help you enjoy uni life worry free!

1. Captain Morgan’s Rum

Many rums contain gluten and companies are quite apprehensive in giving a certain amount as they can only make an approximation. If you love rum and are a rum drinker, then it is heavily advised that if you want to go for alcoholic gluten free drinks that you go for Captain Morgan’s rum as their rums are all gluten free meaning you don’t have to worry about the gluten content!

2. Mixers

Pepsi is universally known to create gluten-free soda making it the perfect mixer for your next gluten-free alcoholic drink. Coca-cola is also known to contain little to no gluten also making it a tasty mixer for your next gluten-free alcoholic drink if you prefer the taste over Pepsi.

3. Beer

There are so many types of beers across the world, it would be impossible to count them all, but surprisingly quite a few of them are gluten-free. Craft beers are usually the types of beer that contain no gluten, but it’s always best to check the ingredients or alternatively ask if it’s safe to drink. San Miguel is gluten-free and so is Estrella Daura Damm which can be purchased from most leading supermarkets!

4. Vodka

There’s no doubt about it that vodka is one of the most popular spirits that’s served in pubs, nightclubs and from the local store. Whether you plan on taking shots or mixing it with another drink, it’s one of the favourites at house parties and pre-drinks. You’ll be pleased to find out that most vodkas are gluten-free including the leading brands which are Absolut Vodka, Grey Goose, Belvedere and SKYY. Now you can enjoy the shots without worrying about their gluten content!

5. Cider

Cider has become one of the most popular social drinks whether you’re in halls, at a friend’s house, in a bar, it comes second to beer. Many students love to buy it and you’ll be pleased to know that many brands of cider in the UK are gluten free and taste delicious! Some leading brands include Angry Orchard, Omission, Bard’s Save, Magners and more! Now you can enjoy those social drinks without having to be stressed out about the limitation of flavours to choose from and whether they contain gluten!

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6. Tequila

This is a very interesting alcoholic drink in terms of how it is made, it’s flavour and it’s gluten content. If tequila is made the traditional way with a blue agave plant it is naturally gluten-free, but cheaper brands tend to have gluten in their tequila products. Its flavour is delicious, but you’ll probably need to go for a more authentic brand if you want good flavour and no gluten content. Leading brands of tequila without gluten are 1519 Tequila, 1800 Tequila, Hornitos, Caba Wabo and Cazadores. Now you can enjoy those shots of tequila without the worry that it might have gluten.

7. Martini

Martini’s are one of the most popular forms of cocktails at bars and restaurants for their invigorating flavour and distinct taste. But how about the gluten content? Well, martini’s can be served in diverse ways, some twist, some dirty, some on the rocks, some on their own, but it all comes down to the type of vodka or gin that is used. Since most vodkas are gluten-free and gins are not, then the martini could be or could not be one of the alcoholic gluten free drinks. It’s safer to check the ingredients or ask what brand they have used and whether it’s gluten-free before you go ahead and drink it just to be on the safe side!

These are some of the best alcoholic gluten free drinks for students! Let us know which ones are your favourites!

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