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The Benefits Of Massage Therapy That Could Be Life Changing

The Benefits Of Massage Therapy That Could Be Life Changing

If you have been thinking of getting a massage, you definitely should check out this list on the benefits of massage therapy!

As humans our bodies go through a lot of stress and tension on a day to day basis. It is always good to treat yourself and take time to unwind from your hectic lifestyle to relax and massage therapy might be exactly what you need to do just that. Massage therapy has become very popular as of recent and appears to be the most effective mainstream treatment option. There are countless benefits of massage therapy and we are going to look through some of these benefits which could be life changing.

Massage therapy is a form of soft tissue, muscle, tendons and ligament manipulation through pressing, rubbing and kneading techniques using either hands, fingers, forearms, elbows or sometimes feet. There are many different types of massages which fit different purposes depending on what you are trying to achieve from the therapy. Some include:

1. Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy is a standard massage which involves gentle long strokes, kneading and small circular movements using oil. It is supposed to relax and energize the body.


2. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a slower and more forceful technique which specifically targets problem areas and knots in deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue. It is beneficial for those recovering from an injury or people with chronic pain.

3. Triger Point Massage

Triger Point Massage Therapy focuses directly on tight tension in areas of the muscle which form after injuries or intense physical activity.

4. Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is very similar to the Swedish Massage Therapy, but it is specifically used on athletes to prevent and treat injuries, as well as, attend to their individual needs as a sportsmen.


5. Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage Therapy is a pregnancy massage which tailors to the mothers needs whilst providing relaxation and relief. This massage therapy must be conducted by a qualified prenatal masseuse.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

1. Relaxation

There is no denying the relaxation that you feel after massage therapy, it instantly improves your mental mind set putting you in a more positive mood. Massage therapy improves circulation and relaxes the muscles making you feel more energized to get on with your day. This is one of the great benefits of massage therapy!

2. Relieves Stress and Improves Sleep

I don’t know anyone who can fully stay awake and alert whilst getting a message. As the therapy relaxes and releases tension in the muscles it allows the body to restore your sleeping pattern which promotes a deep sleep.

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3. Eases Injuries and Pain

Massage therapy can loosen muscle knots and engage blood circulation and with the correct amount of pressure and technique, it can help to prevent injury or strains, as well as ease areas of pain.

4. Relieves Headaches

Headaches can honestly be the worst thing ever, but one of the benefits of massage therapy can help get rid of headaches too. Stress-related headaches can be relieved by increasing the blood flow in areas of tension and triggering areas of tissue that may be tender which may ease the pain in those with chronic tension headaches.


5. Soothes Anxiety and Depression

Massage therapy can’t cure depression and anxiety completely, however through blood circulation and muscle relaxation, the treatment can enhance your mood and relieve fatigue. Referring to massage therapy Dr. Mason Turner,  chief of psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Francisco, believes that “anything that helps the person connect their mind and body together can be helpful.”

6. Boosts Immune System

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine a single massage treatment can improve your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells which fights against sickness and disease. You learn something new every day!

What are some other benefits of massage therapy? Let us know in the comments below!

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