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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Teesside University

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Teesside University

Take a look at these funny and relatable GIFS that represent being a student at university these days. Funny and true, you will love them!

Teesside University is an energetic and every-growing University in the North East of England, with around thirty thousand students. Its small campus and friendly community feel, as well as an award-winning Students Union, mean students are generally happy during their time there. However, as with any Uni experience, there are many struggles to overcome before graduating. After spending four years at Teesside Uni myself, I have found 10 hilarious gifs that accurately describe the realities of being a student there.

1. Free food!

During Fresher’s week when Dominos comes down to campus to give out vouchers for free pizza and you and your friends charge to the front of the queue! Students will never turn down free food if it means they don’t have to cook and they’ll have more money to spend on drink!

2. Wild nights out

Just one of the many weird and wonderful things that can happen after a heavy night of drinking at the Students Union bar! No-one really knows how or why these things happen, but new friends seem to enjoy showing their affection by gently bullying each other for a laugh!


3. The struggle of laundry

When you’re faced with having to do your laundry for the first time since moving away from home and neither you or your housemates know how to work the washing machine. The struggle is real and you might even have to call your mum for help!

4. The reality of halls

If, like Joey, you don’t like sharing your food, you’ll have to watch out while you’re living in student digs. While in halls, your food will mysteriously begin to disappear from the fridge as the end of term nears, even if you label all yours with your name in marker pen. If you love your food, you best keep some in your room just in case! This is one of the funniest GIFs of being a student.

5.Back to the grind

When fresher’s week is over, you’ll finally have to get back into studying as term begins. All you’ll probably want to do after a week of partying, is sleep, but you’ll have to find some motivation to study and attend lectures from somewhere! After all you are a Uni student now!


6. Quiz nights at the SU

Ahh, the popular quiz night that takes place every Monday at Teesside’s Student Union… When you go out to compete with your club, society or new housemates after telling everyone how clever you are and then you lose to a group of geeks with a crude team name! Oh the shame…

7. When the loan runs out

When you’re only halfway through the semester, all of your money is spent and you begin to question your life choices. Was it really worth all them nights out and all those takeaways…? You’ll have to be nice to your parents or find a job to get out of this mess – unless of course you’re going to live off 20p pot noodles until your next loan payment! This is another one of the GIFs of being a student.

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8. The famous Boro Parmo!

If you choose to go to Teesside Uni, experiencing one of Boro’s famous chicken parmesans is a must! You may have piled on the pounds during your first few months at Uni and really you should be on a diet, but who can resist this yummy Teesside speciality!

9. Pulling all-nighters

When the end of the semester is looming and you have three deadlines that are all due within a week of each other! You’ll likely have to pull all-nighters, won’t leave the house for days and you may even forget to eat or even wash! Don’t do a Penny, remember to take care of yourself and take a break!

10. It’s done!

This has got to be the most shared gif by Teesside Uni students on Facebook at the end of the year. After weeks of stress and immense amounts of pressure, you can finally breathe again once that final essay has been submitted. Like Frodo’s epic adventure, what a relief when it’s finally over and done with!


I hope these 10 gifs have given you all a good laugh about being a student! The realities of student life aren’t always pretty, but you’ll make great friends and memories and it’ll all be worth it in the end!

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