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Beginners Guide To Effortlessly Wavy Hair

Beginners Guide To Effortlessly Wavy Hair

Many of us were not blessed with the effortlessly, wavy, beachy hair, if you want to achieve this then there are a multitude of ways to do so. Some of these methods may not work for your hair, but there is a method that will. Be prepared to do a bit of a trial and error to figure out the best method for creating your effortlessly wavy hair. 

Curling Wand

It can be tricky to master using the curling wand, especially when you don’t want the curls to be super uniform and tight. Use a curling wand that does not have a clamp. You can use any size or shape barrel, depending on what your hair responds to. If your hair doesn’t hold curl that well, this is its time to shine. Wrap your hair around the barrel, leaving out about two inches of the end. Leaving out the ends will ensure that the curl will drop slightly into a wave, rather than a uniform curl. This is a super important thing to remember. If you are using a wand that tapers off at the end, then you will achieve a super natural-looking wave.

If you decide to use a wide barrel that does not tapper off, then you will achieve the more voluminous, subtle waves. Avoid spraying with hairspray at all at this point. Try to curl in alternate directions. This will achieve the messy natural look that we are striving for. Don’t get too hung up on making it look perfect. With this in mind, don’t even bother separating your hair into sections. Once you have curled your whole head, use your fingers to separate the curls, flip your head over and shake the curls out. Now we wait for them to drop, and remember DON’T USE HAIRSPRAY! In order for your waves to be effortlessly wavy, don’t try too hard. 

Beginners Guide To Effortlessly Wavy Hair

Texture Spray 

Now texturising spray will be your best friend, not hairspray. Hairspray will make your hair crunchy and will totally take away from the natural and effortless look we are trying to achieve. The best spray that I have ever discovered to achieve this is the Kristen Ess texturising spray. This spray works to add a subtle shine to your hair, and most importantly, it makes your curls/waves piecey. This is the best trick ever! Look for any spray that will add that piecey definition. If you want your curls to have that beachy aspect, then use a salt texturising spray. This can be a judgment call depending on what your hair responds best to. 

Texturising spray, particularly salt sprays, can dry your hair out a little, so if you have quote corse or naturally dry hair, stick to something that is a little bit more hydrating such as a mousse. Either of these products will achieve the same effect, pick whichever product you think your hair will respond best to. After all, you know your hair the best. In order for you to achieve the most natural, effortless waves, you need to remember that you can not be too perfect in the execution. Don’t get nervous that it is not perfect, after all, it is not supposed to be. Embrace the messy look, that is what will make your hair look super effortless and gorgeous! 

Beginners Guide To Effortlessly Wavy Hair


If you further want to define your waves, and if you want to tame and fluffiness or frizziness that you may have encountered, use a curl defining mousse. A small amount of mousse applied to the hair in upwards scrunching motions is the best way to apply this. Find a mousse that is super lightweight, this is the best way to ensure that your waves don’t completely drop and you are left with a messy, knotty birds nest. And once again do not, I repeat, do not use hairspray!

There are many different kinds of curl mousse on the market today, all of which do relatively the same thing. I find that any curl mousse that you can find at the drugstore does the trick. With mousse, a little goes a long way. If you use too much you may not be able to salvage the curls for the next couple of days. If you are not into using a lot of products in your hair, feel free to pick either the texturising spray or the mousse. The fewer products, or amount of products you use, the more natural the look you will achieve. It is important to remember that the goal is to achieve a supernatural wavy look. 

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Beginners Guide To Effortlessly Wavy Hair

Dry Shampoo 

Finally! if you are lacking a little bit of volume in the roots department, then add some dry shampoo to the roots of your hair. If your waves are on the second or third day and need a little boost then this is the perfect solution. Dry shampoo and a little more mousse to liven the curls up, this is the best way to keep your waves going for days on end. If you are lazy with your hair and you don’t like to style it every day, these waves are the perfect way to do so. The same goes if you are on holidays and you don’t want to spend unnecessary hours styling your hair.

Each night after a long day working your waves, comb them out with a wide-tooth comb. This will ensure that you are not left with a tangled mess the next day. When you wake up, all you will need to do is add either a little mousse or some texturising spray, scrunching the curls upwards. If your waves are on the third day, or they didn’t survive that well throughout the night, then you may need to quickly touch up a few pieces with the curling wand. Don’t feel the need to be perfect and go over every piece in the exact same fashion that you did the day before. This will be your brand new everyday style! Get ready to embrace the voluminous waves! This is how to achieve effortlessly wavy hair. 

Beginners Guide To Effortlessly Wavy Hair

Are you excited to go rock your new hair? Comment below if you have figured out your perfect method to achieving your effortlessly wavy hair! 

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