10 Bedroom Winter Decor Ideas To Make Your Room Cozy

Winter is so close we can already feel the cold weather which means it’s the perfect time to start getting your bedroom ready for the days you want to stay in bed watching Netflix all day. There is nothing better than snuggling up in a cozy room having a cup of hot chocolate when it’s snowing outside and if you want to make your room perfect for doing just that then here are a few bedroom winter decor ideas:

1. Comfy Chairs

One thing you need in your room is a comfy chair like the one at the back of this picture. It’s amazing to lazy around in whilst reading a book. Even though it’s really hard to find a chair like this, here is a little hack you can use to get one which looks so similar. All you have to do is buy a chair/armchair which can be any colour or size (you may already have one) and throw a cozy throw on top, you can get a cheap one from B&M or an expensive one from Debenhams. You can get this chair from Ikea which is great to laze around in and is £150 and this super cozy throw from H&M for £59.99.

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2. White Christmas Tree

If you have a big bedroom then one of the best things you can put in there for winter is a white Christmas tree where you can decorate it however you want. One way you can decorate it is by getting cute little pictures of you and your friends/family and hanging them on with fairy lights and pegs. You can get a white Christmas tree from Argos for £142.

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3. Cute Lanterns

Having a cute little window seat where you can watch the snow fall, read a book with some hot chocolate is an amazing way to spend your holidays. What looks great with this is the cute lanterns which you can put anywhere in your bedroom if you want. You can find similar ones from Ikea for less than £20, I have chosen this one but there are loads to choose from.

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4. Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are one of the great bedroom winter decor ideas which will give your room the festive touch it needs. Sure you can make them by following a YouTube video, but if you want to save yourself from going out to buy loads of paper, two hours of not knowing what you’re doing and several paper cuts then you can just buy them and make your room look amazing hassle-free. You can get some from places like eBay, Amazon or Etsy like these which are £14.

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5. Cozy Cushions

You could have a cozy little set up just like this by a fireplace or in a corner in your bedroom which you and your friends can enjoy whilst watching Netflix this winter. All you need is a comfy rug, blankets and most importantly cushions. You can get them from anywhere but this cushion cover is similar to the one in the picture from Ikea for £10.

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6. Christmas Ornaments

This is a cute winter decor set up which includes little Christmas ornaments which you need for your room. You can get little trees, lanterns, pillows and even amazing smelling candles (the Yankee ones are the best and worth the buy to make your whole room smell amazing). You can get this  Spiced White Cocoa Yankee candle which smells so good for £23.99.

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7. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a touch of magic to your room making it the perfect and one of the cheapest bedroom winter decor ideas. You can get any from anywhere in whichever colour you prefer, you can hang them up around your room, peg pictures on or other decorations. Ikea has an amazing range but I especially like these from HobbyCraft which will give your room a Christmas feel.

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8. Tea Candles

Candles are the best things for winter and makes everything much more cozier. You can always get a bag of them from Asda for a few pounds but they won’t last you all winter. Instead you can get these LED ones from HobbyCraft which are a lot safer especially around younger children.

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9. Fluffy Rug

When it comes to winter decorations then Ikea is your best friend because of how cheap and cute everything is. You can even get a rug very similar to the one in the picture for either £10 for a small one, £25 for 60cm and £130 for 160cm which is huge.

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10. Christmas Tree Decorations

You can get these bedroom winter decor ideas anywhere but I know how harsh Christmas can be on your wallet so instead of spending crazy amounts by looking in expensive shops you can look in places like B&M which do amazing things too. You can get a 25pk for £12 in gold, silver, red and white or you can get this 51pk red and gold set for £9.99 which is an amazing price.

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Which bedroom winter decor ideas do you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

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