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7 Bedroom Decor Looks You’ll Want To Steal For Your Own Room

7 Bedroom Decor Looks You’ll Want To Steal For Your Own Room

Looking for bedroom decor inspiration? Here's 8 bedroom decor looks you'll want to steal for your own room - they're so adorable you'll just want them all!

Nobody wants a boring bedroom. When it comes to bedroom decor, everyone wants something that can properly represent who they are as a person, while also looking aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. I mean, we do spend 33% of our lifetime asleep. So, naturally, we’d want something that is not only cosy, but is an extension of our own personalities as well. But where do you start? There are thousands upon thousands of bedroom decor ideas online. But not to worry! To get you started, we’ve compiled 7 bedroom decore looks you’ll want to steal for your own room!

1. Minimalist

Sometimes, less is more. Going for a minimalistic look tells people that you’re a simpleton who doesn’t need much to be satisfied. The minimalist look gives off very chic, and fashionable vibes and will make your room seem much cleaner that it might actually be. This will surely leave a lasting impression to anyone and everyone who enters your room.


2. Bohemian

The boho lifestyle is extremely cozy. Plants and forts are rampant in boho styled bedroom decors, and they’re incredibly cute and cozy. The bohemian look can make you feel more in touch with the environment and mother nature. Not only does it tell people that you’re down to earth and fun to be with, but it also radiates a great atmosphere to sleep in.

3. Indie

This is the perfect type of bedroom decor for those who love music. Band posters and vinyls on your wall and in your bookshelf is a sure way to show personality and unique style. Fairy lights are also a great accessory and are extremely cute! Also, you’ll be able to showcase your great music taste without having to bring it up in conversation.


4. Pastel

Pastel colours are soft, and loving. The pastel bedroom decor look tells people that you’re someone who’s more in touch with your feminine side, and who’s also extremely kind and compassionate. Although simple, a splash of pastel in your bedroom decor can do wonders to the atmosphere your bedroom radiates.

5. French

With the curved furniture edges and light earthy shades- the French bedroom decor look is sure to give your bedroom a romantic and boujee vibe! This bedroom decor look tells people that you’re a hopeless romantic, who may or may not have an appreciation for both fashion and the arts. This look is extremely fashionable and is perfect for anyone who loves the renaissance and poetry (although, it isn’t limited to people of such)!

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6. Dark

A dark theme for your bedroom decor is hauntingly mysterious in the most beautiful way. This look is perfect for those who are looking for an edgier and more mysterious vibe than others. It tells people that you aren’t really who you seem to be, in more ways than one. You can pair this bedroom decor look up with dim and orange lights, enhancing the haunting glow even more.

7. Rustic

The rustic look is both down to earth and casual at the same time. This bedroom decor look gives of farm vibes, but not in a bad way! With it’s earthy shades and use of plants and wood, the rustic bedroom look is sure to make you feel at home.


Did you find any bedroom decor looks you’ll want to steal for your own room? Or are there any bedroom decor looks you think I’ve missed out on this article? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments, and don’t forget to share this article to all your friends and family!

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