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Top 5 Beauty Youtubers To Watch Right Now

Top 5 Beauty Youtubers To Watch Right Now

If you're looking for beauty hacks or information on the latest beauty products, then these top 5 beauty Youtubers are your new go-to for all things beauty!

Beauty YouTubers are taking over the world at the moment. Brands pay them huge amounts of money just to feature their products on their YouTube channels, however the brands get exposure to millions of people. Not every YouTuber gets paid, some are just starting out showing off their talents. Either way, they are experts in beauty and have all the hacks and products you need to know about. Here are the top 5 beauty Youtubers to watch now!

Christen Dominique – @ChristenDominique

Christen, American makeup artist turned YouTuber, has over 2.5 million subscribers. Her looks are always dramatic and flawless, she makes it look easy. Her step by step tutorials and explanation of the products are what makes her stand out from the crowd. Christen in a mum and wife and always manages to upload every week.

Shannon Harris – @Shaaanxo

New Zealand Based YouTuber Shannon has over 3 million subscribers. She has her own cosmetics business called XOBeauty, founded when she struggling to get decent makeup brushes locally. Since then she has came out with brushes, lashes, lipsticks and highlighters. Shannon seems like such a down to earth girl in her videos, but her talent in make up makes her stand out.


Emmas Rectangle – @EmmasRectangle

From the UK, Emma is a makeup artist. At 19 years old she has 63 thousand subscribes. Emma freelances doing makeup on clients, as well as her channel. With hauls of drug store and high end products, she always gives advice on what products work for what skin type.

Michael Finch @makeupbymichaelfinch

Australian makeup artist, Michael, slays when it comes to makeup. Always keeping it real with his opinions, he will not hold back on products he does not like. With nearly 500 thousand subscribers, Michael always has videos up weekly from tutorials to hauls. He proves that men can be just as good as women when it comes to makeup.

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Amy Macedo @AmyMacedo

Canadian YouTuber shot to fame came when a Kylie Lip Kit Dupe video went viral. Amy has over 600 thousand subscribers, making three videos a week. She keeps it real in her monthly favorites and testing videos, if she does not like a product she does not hold back. And for 22, Amy is killing it.

Do you have any favourite beauty Youtubers we should know about!? Share in the comments below!

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