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5 Beauty Brands That Are Affordable And Cruelty Free

5 Beauty Brands That Are Affordable And Cruelty Free

5 Beauty Brands That Are Affordable And Cruelty Free

Forever Against Animal Testing (FAAT) took to the United Nations last year to ban animal testing for cosmetic use world-wide. While that fight is still going on, many major high street, affordable brands still are abusing little bunnies and rats before testing on humans. These five brands are all affordable and are against testing on animals, what more could you need to make yourself look beautiful?

The Body Shop

Although it says in the brand name ‘body’ this isn’t all the body shop provide. All of their products are vegetarian and over 80% of them are vegan – as a helpful guide a lot of makeup products have green labels at the bottom to show you which ones are. And better yet, this beauty brand is completely against animal testing – they even led the campaign to the U.N. to debate the world-wide ban. Their makeup ranges from foundation, lipstick and a bronzing range. They suit all ages and have different added products to their base to suit each skin type.

The Body Shop often has in store deals and has an online store too. Their Love Your Body Club card is one of the best on the market, and their lib butter range is now totally vegan! Next time you’re near a body shop I would always pop in and have a look around, you never know, you might find something you really like, and the staff are always willing to help.


B. by Superdrug

B. by Superdrug is the shops own range, which means it’s really affordable. The makeup is really good quality for being a shops own range, especially a shop that stocks lots of branded cosmetic products. And, not only this, they provide you with the brushes, sponges and skin care products that you may need to prep, prime and glow ready for the application of your makeup.

The leaping bunny logo on the back of the products mean that the product has not tested on animals and is cruelty free. B. by Superdrug can be found online and on the shelves of any Superdrug store. What is great is they provide you with popping gloss, the softest sponges and an amazing setting spray. Need you go anywhere else?

Makeup Revolution

These product can be found in the big cosmetic UK retailers in-store and online. Revolution transformed makeup, re-branding some of the more expensive brands and giving you pigmentation like no other. Their many eye shadow pallets and highlighters will give you a shine like the sun. You’ll have a really healthy glow with these products, and it is quite unbelievable how cheap their products actually are.


The products don’t just stop at makeup, they also provide skincare, hair care and have huge offers on their website. Once you buy just one product from Revolution, you’ll soon be addicted. I mean, the pigmentation, that is all you need to know. Plus, they are cruelty-free, and that’s a brand to fall in love with.

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e.l.f has recently come into high street cosmetic stores in the UK, but will always have an amazing website. It is based in Oakland, 100% vegan, and 100% cruelty free. It may be slightly more expensive for some skincare products, but it is still in a students price range and their products last a really long time, so it is worth an investment. They may be known for their skincare range, which is incredible, their beauty products definitely don’t disappoint. They recently launched their jelly pop range which is perfect if you like a bit of colour in your life.


Another vegan and cruelty free beauty brand, which is affordable and kind to the skin!

Barry M.

This beauty brand is one of the most affordable on the high street, and they have the leaping bunny logo as they are a cruelty free cosmetic company. You can find Barry M. ranges in most UK cosmetic stores and they have an online store too. Their makeup is very pigmented and colourful and they have a huge collection of nail varnish. Perfect for bringing the summer back to the autumn and winter months. When the weather is drab, your makeup doesn’t need to be.

Do you have a favourite cruelty free beauty brand that you think others need to know about? Comment below to spread the word!

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