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10 Beauty Blenders Under £20

10 Beauty Blenders Under £20

If you're a makeup lover, you already know beauty blenders are a must-have item in your collection. These are a few makeup sponges that are less than £20!

Beauty blenders have been a must-have beauty item for a while now, but sometimes it can still be hard to know where to get one. There are so many different types, in different shapes, and with different textures; so I’m here to make this a little easier for you! Just because beauty blenders are a makeup bag essential, it doesn’t mean that they have to be super expensive to be any good. So here are 10 beauty blenders that are under £20.

1. Flutter Makeup Sponge (£1)

Cheap and cheerful! Not only does this blender come in an adorable shade of pink, it is also presented in cute packaging to look like a cat. Obviously the price is a winner here, and being in Superdrug means it’s super easy to get a hold of. Another plus is that it has great reviews- it’s a win/win!


2. Spectrum Unicorn Tears Sponge (£5.00)

Available in either pink or purple, this beauty blender possibly has the cutest name. With both a rounded edge and a pointed one, it makes the perfect multi-purpose blender to get in and blend all those small spaces. Not only is it latex-free, it also has great reviews, with 4/5 stars!

3. B. Latex Free Blending Sponge (£4.99)

Allergic or sensitive to latex- this beauty blender might just be your new fav! Similar to the Unicorn Tears sponge, its shape is perfect for blending even the smallest of areas! Due to the blender being latex-free, the sponge is made of a different material that shouldn’t absorb makeup, meaning less chance of build-up and breakouts on your face!


4. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99)

This is my personal favourite and go-to beauty blender. Not only is it super affordable, but it also really versatile. This 3-in-1, multi-functional sponge has a flat edge, rounded side, and a precision tip, which means that you can use it to contour, blend, and dab til your heart’s content! I personally use the flat side the most, as I find it perfect for liquid highlighters!


5. Barely, Prep, Blot and Blend (£5.99)

A great FeelUnique find! Apparently this beauty blender is less for your actual makeup and more for prepping your skin. Properly prep your skin with serums, moisturisers and lotions by pressing them into your skin with this blender, rather than just leaving it to stay on the surface.

6. NYX Flawless Finish Blending Sponge (£6.00)

NYX cosmetics is one of my favourite beauty brands in general, so there is no surprise that one of their blenders is on my list! Again, this is a great blender because of its shape; all you have to do is wet and squeeze out the excess water! Another great, multi-purpose beauty find!


7. Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge (£7.50)

With 5 star reviews on BeautyBay, this blender sponge by Morphe is clearly one to look out for! Not only is it in a really nice shade of red, the funky shape also means you can get creative with your application and blending! One thing I think would be great about this blender is that, due to the shape, it is probably the easiest to hold onto and makes applying your makeup that much easier. It’s not called flawless for no reason!

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8. BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Sponge (£8)

Pretty in purple! This cute beauty blender will make you look like a flawless goddess as you blend and away those annoying lines from liquids and powders. Teardrop shaped, it’s great for both the bigger and smaller areas of your face! You can get this cute blender online from BeautyBay.


9. Dior Backstage Blender (£12)

Love a label? Sometimes it pays off to spend a little more on beauty products! Its egg shape and ergonomic design is perfect if you’re applying liquid foundation!



10. The Original BeautyBlender (£16)

The OG beautyblender right here! If you’re going to get a beautyblender, why not get one from the original brand? Although it is the most expensive on my list, there are so many colours and options to chose from! Whether you like pink, red, purple, lime green, white, black, or nude; there is one beautyblender sponge for you!

These are 10 beauty blenders that are under £20! Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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