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What You Need To Know About Beauty Blender’s Foundation

What You Need To Know About Beauty Blender’s Foundation

Take a look at Beauty Blender's foundation and what we think of the famous makeup sponge brand creating their own foundation.
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Beautyblender, the brand that brought us the well-known pink beauty blender that is used worldwide, has now created their own foundation called Bounce Liquid Whip. Bounce was released July 24that Sephora and retails for $40. Since a picture was revealed on Instagram of the shade selection, the foundation has definitely caused a lot of mixed opinions and backlash across the beauty world. Founder of Beautyblender Rea Anna Silva created this foundation idea over a year ago, she describes the foundation saying that she wanted to create a formula that was “longwear but not thick or mask-y. I wanted something that’d be buildable and had potential for looking natural.” Beauty Blender’s foundation is worth the try.

Bounce Liquid Whip

Bounce Liquid Whip has a lightweight feel and claims to be longwearing which is supposed to last for 24 hours. The foundation has 32 shades or ‘blends’ which has caused the most uproar because the picture released on Instagram account Trendmood1 shows a foundation with shades that mainly cater to those of light and medium skin tones with only 4 visible dark shades. The Beauty Blender’s foundation is definitely worth a try.

Shade Range

Beauty lovers and beauty influencers such as Jackie Aina, Nikki Tutorials, Jeffree Star and Alissa Ashley took to social media to express what they think about Beautyblender’s limited shade range. Beauty Blender’s foundation range is thought of as limited.



Bounce Blends

In response to this backlash Beauty Blender responded stating that “the image on trendmoods post has a wacky filter and doesn’t give a true representation of our shade range”, and shortly after this Trendmood1 posted another picture of the shades and it still didn’t seem to change any of the previous opinions. In response Beautyblender provided the following statement:

“Of our 32 BOUNCE blends, half the shades (16) are formulated for a range of olive to dark skin tones and include subtle nuances that make a world of difference on the skin.

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We truly want everyone to find their perfect match, so to ensure this we put our shades to the test against some of the most inclusive on the market. While the range goes both very light as well as very dark, we have THE MOST shades in what we call our “medium plus” range. This was created specifically for people of multicultural backgrounds as they have the hardest time finding the right shade to match their undertone.

Our founder, Rea Ann Silva is not only Latina, but a professional makeup artist who has always worked with women of color throughout her 30 year career. Those with tan, deep and dark skin tones understand that finding the right color foundation is all about matching your undertone and this is where Rea Ann saw the biggest hole in the market: for women like herself and her multicultural family.”

What You Need To Know About Beauty Blender's Foundation


Breaking Onto The Scene

Despite this statement, after receiving the foundation in PR including all of the 32 shades, many beauty influencers still failed understand how Beautyblender could overlook such a large demographic and many expressed this in their product reviews on YouTube. Beauty influencer Jackie Aina, who has a good relationship with the Beautyblender brand, says in her review video “They have an opportunity to create more diversity in the deep dark categories and for whatever reason chose not to.” Beautyblender has disappointed many beauty lovers with their shade limitation, however the reviews on YouTube prove that the foundation itself has quite a flawless formula and innovative design of the packaging, which features a lock and an oval groove in the shape of a blender that allows you to pump the foundation onto the surface of the bottle rather than your hand, cannot be denied. Many stated that Bounce has a velvety matte finish and blurs imperfections as it is a full coverage foundation. It seems that Bounce is a pretty good foundation that many will enjoy using, but the only downside to Bounce is that it excludes a vast majority of people with deep and dark skin tones who may want to try Beauty Blender’s foundation, but cannot because they are unable to find their shade.

What do you think, will you be buying Beauty Blender’s foundation any time soon? Let us know in the comments!

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