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25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

These DIY Christmas ornaments are beautiful and will look wonderful on your Christmas tree this holiday season! Here are our favorites!

Its that time of year again. The time of year where Christmas presents and decorations are beginning to be sold. If you’re in the mood to make some decorations this year, here are 25 DIY Christmas ornaments you can make yourself.

1. Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments

An easy way to add a touch of gold to your tree is with DIY Christmas ornaments!

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2. Personalized Ornament

Customize your ornaments to fit the theme of your tree.


3. Antler Wood Slice

These wood DIY Christmas ornaments are a great way to add a rustic feel to your tree.


4. Gingerbread Ornament

What’s better than an ornament that smells great?


5. Christmas Star Ornaments

These DIY Christmas ornaments are an easy and colorful option!


6. Clear Ornaments

The possibilities of a clear ornament are endless, but there are a few of our favorites!


7. Unicorn

For that touch of magic on Christmas.


8. Mercury Glass

A mercury glass ornament is a classy and timeless decor choice.


9. Marbled

Choose whatever colours will look best with the rest of your home decor!


10. Glitter Filled

Glitter filled DIY Christmas ornaments are an easy way to make your tree pop.


11. Twine Ball

Another great way of adding a rustic touch to your home this holiday season.


12. Paper snowflakes

Something I did as a kid was a lot of paper snowflakes. If you’re a massive fan of Star Wars, there are templates you can make to make these snowflakes based on your favourite films.

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

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13. Mason Jar Lid

We’ve all got a few mason jars laying around, grab those lids and use them as DIY Christmas ornaments!


14. Orange Slice

Oranges slices are a great decoration to add to the tree.


15. Wooden sleigh ornaments

These cute little sleighs can be made with excess ice cream sticks. Add a bit of paint to them to make them even more wonderful. This is one of the cutest DIY Christmas ornaments!


16. Felt stitched decorations

If you’re more of a needle and thread person, there are many decorations you can make for around the house or for the Christmas tree.


17. Christmas scrabble decorations

These great decorations can be used to make words and phrases associated with Christmas. Another great decoration to add to the tree.

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18. Paper chains

It’s a simple thing to do, but its so pretty to do with different colours. Its also really effective with wrapping paper.

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

19. Origami paper stars

Again, wrapping paper or sheet music is really effective to use.

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

20. Crochet Christmas lights

If you don’t have any fairy lights, these are a great alternative.

21. Snow globes

If you have any jars left over, they can be used to make one of these.

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

22. Corked reindeer

These cute little reindeers can be used with excess wine corks. It’s the perfect excuse to use up the last of the wine!


23. Paper angel ornaments

No tree is complete without a star or angel!

24. Pine cone elves

If you want something just for Christmas, making these little elves is a great way to do so. This is one of our favorite DIY Christmas ornaments!

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25. Salt dough Christmas tree decorations

If you love sculpting, this is a great project to do.






If you need an excuse to take a break from studying, try making one of these in time for Christmas! What are your favorite DIY Christmas ornaments? Which of these DIY Christmas ornaments will you try? Tell us in the comments!
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