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Beat The Heat With These Summer Workout Tips

Beat The Heat With These Summer Workout Tips

The whole culture surrounding “beach body” or “summer ready” is not a positive one in the media lately. It makes people feel as though the way they look is not the right way to look for summer, and that they need to change to feel comfortable. You don’t need to look a certain way to be “summer ready”, however, if you want to just feel a bit better about yourself and your health, then these summer workout tips are for you!

Hydration is key

Water is your best friend, especially in summer, and it is doubly important when working out in the heat. You need to be drinking around 2 litres a day, but that’s dependent on your size and other factors. Regardless, water is the most important thing when working out and just for getting through summer in general. This is probably one of the most important summer workout tips!

Try to avoid working out in the middle of the day

In all honesty, you should try to avoid doing anything in the middle of the day when your house isn’t air conditioned and it’s close to 30 degrees Celsius outside, but obviously that isn’t always possible. However, when it comes to strenuous workouts and exercise, between 12-4 is probably the worst time to do it.


Workout with a buddy

It helps to have somebody there to help you realise if you’re working out too hard or not, or if your form is off from fatigue or the heat. Plus, in the very rare case that something bad happens to you, it’ll be really good to have somebody there to help.

If you don’t feel like working out, then don’t

I realise there is a stigma attached to starting a gym, and that if you miss the gym because you “don’t feel like it”, then you’re already giving up. This is not the case at all: going the gym should be seen as enjoyable, and a hobby, not something you have to do.


You may enjoy playing video games or watching TV, but sometimes you don’t feel like it, so you do something else – you don’t beat yourself up about that, so don’t beat yourself up about missing a workout.

Enjoy your workouts!

Don’t look at working out as something you need to do, approach it with the mindset that you want to do it for the betterment of your health. It’s much easier to find a reason to do something if you don’t actually want to do it.


One effective way to do this is to do exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. For example, working out in a gym can get monotonous and boring after a while, but if you do exciting activities such as free climbing, football and bike rides, it’s a great way to exercise without getting bored.

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One of the best low-impact workouts throughout summer is walking. If you can go for walks, it really helps your mental health as well as your cardiovascular health, and it’s even better if you have a little furry, four-legged friend to walk with!


Dress for the heat when working out

This is an obvious one for most people, but wearing jogging pants or hoodies while working out in the summer can be very dangerous, Shorts and light t-shirts, or even possibly vests are the best way to go. Some people may see the heat as an opportunity to wear heavy clothes, causing them to sweat more and subsequently burn more fat, but if the temperatures are in the high twenties or the thirties, you need to be very careful.

Just enjoy your summer, follow these summer workout tips, work out when you can, and don’t worry about it if you can’t.


If you know of any other summer workout tips to help beat the heat when working out, let us know in the comments!

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