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12 Bad Things For Your Health That You Could Easily Be Doing Regularly

12 Bad Things For Your Health That You Could Easily Be Doing Regularly

Want to know how you can prevent doing bad things for your health? Check out our list of the worse things to do for your health you do on a regular basis.

A day doesn’t go by that we’re not told about a new thing we’re doing regularly that is now bad for our health. My favourite one is coffee – I swear the opinion on this shift daily. It’s heralded for its antioxidant properties one day, said to be a carcinogen the next. Sometimes it’s both. In any case, we’ve done a lot of research on things that are bad for your health. And by we I mean the scientists. I’m graduating with an English lit degree. My research consists of Freudian readings of Romantic poetry, not bacteria. Anyways. Here to ruin your day, have a read through some bad things for your health that you could easily be doing regularly:

1. Slouching

This one leads to a whole host of issues like back pain, neck pain, and general muscle tightness/soreness. Long-term slouching can permanently damage your posture, too. Slouching also means that your organs are cramped.

2. Sitting

A lot of studies show that sitting can increase the risk of heart disease, decrease mental health, and lead to a whole host of other issues like cancer. If you’re sitting a lot because of your job or studying, make sure you get a few walking breaks in, and stand whenever you can!


3. Skinny Jeans

Yeah – those Topshop Jamies are actually putting you at risk of nerve damage. Well, to be more accurate, squatting in them is what causes this. The tightness behind your legs can decrease blood flow in your legs, meaning the nerves become compressed.

4. Biting Your Nails

Bacteria. So much bacteria. Please don’t do this, you can get E. coli.

5. Screens

Even though we use them everyday, screens are one of the bad things for your health. Staring at your phone or computer all day can cause blurred vision, eye irritation, and back and neck pain. A study has also shown hormonal imbalances in teens displaying signs of smartphone addiction.


6. Too Little Sleep

Not sleeping enough can lead to hypertension, inflammation, depression, heart disease, diabetes, and whole load of other issues – not to mention you won’t be able to focus on your daily activities.

7. Too Much Sleep

I know, this one is the worst. But, apparently sleeping too much can lead to poorer heart health, as well an increased stroke risk.

8. Diet Fizzy Drinks

I love a good, cold diet coke. Some studies, however, show that diet fizzy drinks have been linked to obesity and diabetes, as well as negatively impacting your brain, leading to an increased risk of dementia. Also, artificial sweeteners in general are terrible for you, and the fizz is bad for your teeth.

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9. Skipping Sunscreen

Yes, even when it’s cloudy, or winter – the sun can still damage your skin. Using a minimum of SPF15 daily greatly reduces your risk of skin cancer.

10. Overbooking Yourself

If you’re overbooking yourself, you can burn out very quickly. In more extreme situations, this can lead to chronic stress, meaning that you’re at an increased risk of things like depression and heart disease.


11. Fruit Juices

Although marketed as being full of vitamins and antioxidants, the sugar content of most juices vastly undermines their health benefits. If you want to have juice in the mornings, opt for freshly squeezed juices, or look for ones with no added sugar.

12. Plastic Bottles

Although almost all bottles are now BPA-free, the plastic has a lot of other potentially harmful toxins. What’s more, re-using plastic bottles for extended periods of time means that they’ll start to collect bacteria – so it’s best to invest in a reusable glass or metal one.

 Do you agree with our list of bad things for your health? Let us know in the comments section below!

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