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Bad Boys Club: 5 Movies About Awful Boyfriends We Are All Crazy About

Bad Boys Club: 5 Movies About Awful Boyfriends We Are All Crazy About

Bad Boys Club: 5 Movies About Awful Boyfriends We Are All Crazy About

If you are feeling like everything your partner does, irritates you 24/7, I bet after going through this list of movie-based naughty badass boyfriends, you will feel so much better about your boo. These bad boys are simply the best at being the worst! Nevertheless, we fall for them every time they appear on the screen because there is just something about this fictional bad boys type that gets us run wild. Here are 5 bad boy movies about nonconformist independent-minded boyfriends that we all hate to love.

1. Why Him?

Directed by John Hamburg, this bad boy movie demonstrates how important it is to check with your parents before starting a new, serious relationship. “Why him?” is the question Stephanie’s parents get stuck with when they meet her boyfriend Laird (James Franco) for the first time. Their first meeting did not go as smooth as they expected – her parents witnessed Laird half-naked flashing before their eyes when Skyping their daughter. It was just the right decision for them to pack their bags and pay the couple a visit. Turns out Laird is a bold millionaire-adventurer foul-mouthed, disgusting man. The argument ends in a serious confrontation between Laird and the head of the family.

2. Bad Times at the El Royale

The scene of the movie is taking place in the late 1960s at a hotel located in two states at once. Each of the seven guests – whether it’s a priest or just a salesman – hides a secret. And all of them with no exception have a dark night full of surprises ahead of them. Get ready for a series of crazy revelations! The bad boy here is Billy Lee (Chris Hemsworth) – a shirtless but very charismatic leader of a religious community.


3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This bad boy movie depicts a talented and young journalist Andy (Kate Hudson) who one day receives a rather unusual editorial task to write an article about how to get a boy you don’t like to stop liking you. She has 10 days before the article goes live. All she needs now is to find someone to fall for her and test her knowledge. Eventually, she finds Ben (Matthew McConaughey) – young and very self-confident advertising agent, who just had a bet with his boss that he could make a random girl fall for him in 10 days. Coincidence? I think not…

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4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This screening of a weird comics tells a story about Scott, an aspiring musician, who falls in love with the girl called Ramon. To get her to become his girlfriend, Scott has to stand competition with Ramon’s ex-boyfriends. Why is it a bad boy movie you may ask? It’s because of the fan-favorite ex, Lucas Le (Chris Evans) – a sexy movie star slash skateboarder who is obsessed with himself just a little bit too much. But who cares…it’s Chris Evans!


5. Deadpool

Former commando Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an assassin who fills “special” orders to the “special” clients. When he finds out he is terminally ill, Wade decides to go for an experimental treatment – and all of this in order to stay with his girlfriend Vanessa. Now he gets to pay the price: his cellular structure is constantly changing and his sanity becomes questionable. He becomes Deadpool. Nevertheless, despite all his dirty tricks and atrocities, Wade remains a loyal and loving boyfriend who sacrifices himself for the sake of keeping Vanessa safe. What a romantic twist to a bad boy movie like this!

What is your favorite bad boy movie you can recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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