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10 Backpacks Every Student Will Love

10 Backpacks Every Student Will Love

Back to school season means it's time to start looking for new backpacks! Here is a list of some of our favourites that you need to buy!

It’s back to school season! That means it’s time for students to start buying some new backpacks! That being said, here are some of our favourite backpacks that we’re sure students will love!

Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

Designed in Sweden in 1978, this backpack is now an iconic piece of fashion. These bags are making a comeback in a huge way and are available in over 40 colours. You can get a range of different sizes and will be totally on trend walking around Manchester with one of these bags on. They were designed to help Swedish students carry more books, but let’s be honest, no one actually uses them for books in England.


Classic Back Pack by Mi Pack

This bag design is very simple, but are very good value for money. Costing between £9.95 and £40.00 on Amazon, you can either pick a black one up cheap or go for a crazy pattern or colour for a little extra cash.

Holly Holo Back Pack By Skinny Dip

Maybe you want something a bit more fun. This holographic bag from Skinnydip (available at Topshop) is perfect if you want something with a bit of shine to it. It’s a great simple design and will work for those days when you have more than just university. IT’s a perfect transition bag from day to night and is a great deal at only £34.00 – let’s not forget that Topshop offers 10% student discount!


Adidas Originals Classic Backpack

Brands are big right now and Adidas is one of them. If you want to be a part of this brand fad then this backpack is perfect. Adidas is known for good quality, so being able to get a backpack for £17.50 is fantastic.


Hype Multi Backpack

A few years ago, Hype was the biggest brand around. It was part of skater culture and became mainstream in schools. The clothing and bags are of fantastic quality and come in some amazing patterns and designs. They’re also great value for money at only £25.00 fro a good sized backpack.

Osprey’s Quasar 28

Osprey bags are more used for hiking and other athletic ventures. However, these bags are incredible quality and very versatile. They are in all of the lists of back to school bags and are approved by everyone who uses them. They do come with a slightly hefty price tag (between £70 and £90), but some are available with a lifetime guarantee.



Jansport Big Student Rucksack

Everyone knew someone at school who had one of these bad boys. They were not very stylish, but highly practical. Everyone who had one, had one for years. If you don’t care about looks then this bag will be perfect.

Herschel Supply Co. Grey / Chevron Retreat Backpack

One of the Herschel’s bag’s main attributes is the use of magnetic straps to hold the bag closed. It helps with accessibility and makes the bag very secure. It has a very classic design and is available in a variety of colours. Herschel does also offer more classic styles of backpack; but this is their top seller.


Easkpak Out Of Office Backpack

This bag is very simple but very durable. Easkpak have amazing customer service and offer incredible warranties on their products. If the bag is faulty, you can easily send it back and have it repaired with no questions asked. Although these bags are very simple in design, they are offered in a variety of colours. Eastpak also offers other styles of bags, such as their bumbags which are very popular.

If you have any other ideas of great backpacks for students, or backpacks that you love in general, then let us know in the comments below!
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