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8 Back To School Hairstyles You Can Pull Off Literally Every Day

8 Back To School Hairstyles You Can Pull Off Literally Every Day

8 Back To School Hairstyles You Can Pull Off Literally Every Day

Back to school hairstyles are a must and are great to have to get ready easily and have a great new look. It’s so nice to have an idea of how you want to style your hair.

That’s why this list is perfect for you. You’re tired of the same look and it’s time to change up without too much effort required. You want an easy go-to stylish look that you can wear all year long and is easy to get done as well.

Thus, here you are, these are my top pick back to school hairstyles that are not only super easy but are wearable all year long.


1. Classic Pony Tail

A classic high ponytail is one of my favorite of the back to school hairstyles, in fact, I wear it quite often. It’s so easy to set up as well as it looks so put together if it’s all neatly tucked in. In fact, if you want a “messier” vibe leave some hair strand out and some baby hairs so it looks more worn in and effortless.

Remember my best trick is to tie your hair with your head forward to gather the hair, pull your head up and tie it from underneath to get it as high on your head as you can get.

2. Two Half Up and Half Down Space Buns

Space buns are a look since Miley Cyrus debut them in 2016 it’s been a very popular hairstyle. But I think a more stylish way to get them is to have two half up half down space buns. This is a more relaxed look and looks super stylish and cute. You can leave your fringe pieces or a few strands to frame your face and have them sit at the top of your head.


Remember bobby pins are your best friend, they are great for any inconveniences when your buns start to slide.

3. Half Up Half Down

Since Ariana Grande started wearing this look again it has been everywhere! Everyone from their grans to their kids is wearing it, and you know why? It’s so easy and looks amazing, it’s a great back to school hairstyle and is super effortless. In fact, it looks amazing on everyone and you can either make it look super tidy or give it that messy look with a few pieces of hair out.

This is one of my favorite back to school hairstyles and I definitely recommend you wear it.


4. Half Braided and Loosely Ties

Now although this may look more complicated it actually is super easy and looks super cute. You can wear it all year long and look absolutely amazing and stylish, everyone will be copying you. All you need to do is start some double dutch braids, loosen them and then tie them off before the nape of your neck. This way it looks like two ponytails but it’s a more intricate and cute hairstyle.

5. Back Braid

The Back braid is the easiest of the back to school hairstyles but is such a classic. It looks so neat and so cute all at once and honestly takes like two seconds if you know how to braid your own hair. Section off your hair and comb it back, make sure it’s nice and smooth and start braiding. Get the front hairs in particular and try to braid your hair all the way to the end, it looks cuter.

You can finish it off with a colorful hair tie or some sort of glitter or pearl hairpiece, that looks super stylish and is so in.


6. Low Bun

Low Bun is another back to school hairstyles classic, and in fact, it is the easiest one as well. It’s elegant if you set it up nicely at the nape of the neck, if not it’s another sort of easy messy hairstyle look that is also very much put together. How you style it is based on personal discretion and preference. You can wear it for any occasion and it’s an easy way to get your hair out of your face.

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Remember do not twist the hair but rather loop your hair around and loop back inside to make it look more like a bun.


7. Two Pony Tails

Although ponytails, also known as pigtails, are sometimes seen as a childish hairstyle I think it’s another amazing back to school hairstyle. You’re bringing back in the old school look and making it stylish. It looks so cute with long hair and you can wear them high or low according to what you prefer. I love an in-between not too high or too low, and it looks so cute and fresh.

To give it the messy look keep some of your front hair out to frame your face.

8. Classic Bun

Last but not least is the classic high bun. Now, this is just pure easy but stylish. It’s my absolute favorite of the back to school hairstyles because a) it’s a bun, b) it’s easy and c) you can style it however you want. You can have a loose bun or a nice tight elegant bun.


You can have strands around and baby hairs or you can have it all neatly tucked away like a ballerina, it doesn’t matter. Regardless, it looks super cute and is a great way to style your hair throughout the year and have a different everyday look.

Remember when loosening the bun be careful to not take out too much hair or it will just come undone.

Back to school hairstyles are the best way to get ready for school and change up your look! Would you wear these? Like and leave a comment!

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