20 Awesome Halloween Costumes Under £20

Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing your costumes now. While there are tons of gorgeous costumes you can purchase for a little (or a lot) more than what you’re willing to pay, there are also tons of awesome Halloween costumes you can get for under £20 – you might just have to search a little harder. Or in this case, you can simply browse through our list of awesome Halloween costumes under £20.

1. Let out your inner bad-ass as a ninja warrior.


2. Serve up ale all night long as beer garden girl.

3. Make someone’s wish come true as an adorable genie.


4. Find your Hugh Hefner as a Playboy Bunny.

5. Steal a few glances as a sultry pirate.

6. Avoid the Big Bad Wolf (of a hangover) as Little Red Riding Hood.


7. Scare the life out of someone as a zombie corpse bride.

8. Show off your foxy side as a charming…fox.

9. Have a devilishly good time as Satan.

10. Don’t get too catty as you pull off cat woman.

11. Be the comfiest one at the party as Mike Wazowski.

12. Be the goddess that you are.


13. Or the bitch…I mean witch…that you are. (No judgement.)

14. Trap a cutie in your web as a black *leather* spider.

15. Confuse people on what holiday it is dressed up as a snowman.

16. Better yet, go as Santa Claus.

17. Rob the cradle as a sexy cougar.

18. Pick a bone with someone as a skeleton.

19. Search for your beast as the beauty, Belle.

20. Keep an eye out for bat man as bat woman.

Which awesome Halloween costumes will you be wearing this year? Share in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Featured image source: totalfratmove.com