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12 Things To Be Aware Of When Having Drunk Sex

12 Things To Be Aware Of When Having Drunk Sex

If you are thinking about having drunk sex with someone, make sure to read these tips! They are very important to understand before you do!

There’s no denying the appeal of a little liquid courage in making your move, but here are twelve things to be aware of if you decide to have drunk sex!


Half of sexual assaults and 90% of acquaintance rapes occur under the risk of alcohol. You have to be absolutely sure than you are in a stable enough mindset to understand consent- whether your sex partner is able to consent and whether you are able to consent. If not youre sexual encounter could end as another statistic as unmeaningly as you might intent it. If someone is intoxicated they legally cannot consent to sex.

2. Drunk you and sober you are two different people.

If you think you might make a questionable decision drunk, check in with yourself on it sober before. Consent with yourself to get drunk and have sex before you even think about having sex with another person under the influence.


3. Drunk them and sober them are two different people.

Try not to believe all their chat or fall in love with their fumblings if you don’t know them- you dont know what they’re really like!

4. Think about why you want to have drunk sex

Are you doing it for the right reasons or are there any deeper self destructive urges under there. And remember- drunk sex doesn’t have to be mean completely wasted sex, if youre looking for a little liquid courage one or two drinks depending on how much alcohol effects you, is enough.

5.  Let your friends know where you are.

As well as who youre with and if you’ll be going home. PLEASE. Whilst you’re having your wildly mediocre care free time they can be pulling their hair out after seeing you disappear into the night with a mystery man


6. Whisky Dick

Remember, under the influence of alcohol, bodies are less receptive stimulation can feel numbed, people with penises might have some issues cr ‘whisky dick’ caused by alcohol that dialates blood vessels so that blood flows in and out rather than building up and maintaining an erection  as well as not being able to ejaculate because messages aren’t being transmitted effectively from and to the brain.

7.  Whisky Clit

Little less known about but it effects us too. Sensitivity, pulse, blood pressure, speech, concentration, co-ordinaton- all these are minimised by alcohol! That’s pretty much all of what sex is!


It’s a repetitively common feature on any sex tips list, but just like the clit the vagina also has issues with brain signals telling your body what to do during sex not to mention the part dehydration plays. I’m an advocate for lube during any and all sex but it’s especially important if you’re determined to have drunk sex to minimise discomfort or even pain.


9. It’s just not going to be as good as sober sex.

Sure, you might feel a bit free more free, but alcohol is a depressant – it slows bodies down, not only will it not feel as good because your body can’t quite feel it in the same way, but you just wont be as good at sex sober, despite whatever vixen your drunk mind is perceiving you as, your coordination and concentration is going to be way off- and so is theirs. And is it going to be worth it if your sex partner vomits on you midway?

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10. Protection.

Is drunk you REALLY going to be bothered if the condom breaks- are they going to be bothered about the dance of asking for one at all? If you’re not protecting yourself against STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, you shouldn’t be having sex- it’s irresponsible to yourself,  to your sex partner and to any future sex partners.


11 . Consideration.

Remember you might have neighbours, flat mates, or even worse: a room mate. Loud sex is redoubtably fun- so is sex in somewhere you might get caught like a communal kitchen- but just remember that other people (mostly) don’t want to be involved in your sex life and they’re not consenting to experience this. Also it can be down right annoying if you’re stopping peoples sleep. Just some basic consideration to turn the volume down or schedule a time when you can get everyone out the house.

12. Consent.

Double important so we’re going to leave the list where we started. Remember consent can be retracted at any time.  Lack of consent isn’t the presence of a firm no, it’s the lack of an enthusiastic and repeated yes. Any ‘blurred lines’ between these two demand a check in- ‘ is this okay?’ ‘do you want to do this?’ ‘does this feel good?’ ‘do you want to just watch a film and sober up a bit first?’ ‘what do you like?’.  Is your drunk mind going to understand the nuances of uncomfortable body language?

Sex without consent isn’t sex- its rape. Be aware.


 What other tips do you for someone thinking of having drunk sex? Let us know in the comments below!

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