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7 Avocado Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

7 Avocado Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Everyone knows what the benefits of avocados are, so do we. We've made this list of the simplest avocado recipes ever, give them a try!

Avocados. They’re everywhere and loved by everyone. If you happen to be an avocado lover I’ve got you covered and have suggested a few avocado recipes, which you really, really should check! And if you aren’t an avocado lover… close the window. Now.

1. Noodles with avocado

That’s one of my self-made avocado recipes which is quite simple. All you need is a pack of egg noodles, an avocado, a lemon and some cherry tomatoes. Cut the avocado in half and scoop out the bits with a spoon, then cut them in middle size pieces. Then, wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. Warm up the egg noodles, add a bit of salt and olive oil to make them richer in taste. Afterwards, simply add the avocado bits and cherry tomatoes to the bowl you’ve put the egg noodles in and squeeze the lemon on top! I’m quite the lemon lover myself, be careful with it so you don’t end up feeling like you’ve gone blind after the first bite.

7 Avocado Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss Out On


2. Avocado… puree?

I like eating this puree-like thing quite often and to be honest, I’m addicted to it. Again, it’s the simple mix of avocado, lemon juice, a bit of salt and olive oil. Smash one avocado with a fork, add the lemon juice (again, I’m making mine with one whole lemon and you may find that way too sour for your taste, so be careful with it). Then add some salt and olive oil and voila – it’s ready!

3. Avocado puree on toast

This avocado recipe features the above idea with a simple slice of brown bread (or two), It’s a super cool, easy, fast and mainly healthy breakfast. Besides, you can prepare the avocado in advance the evening before and have it ready to eat the morning afterwards.

4. Slightly healthier nachos

One of the less complicated avocado recipes (that’s sarcasm). You guessed it – it contains avocado puree! This time, with some nachos. Unless you’re on a diet, next time you watch a film with your housemates or significant other, instead of nachos with salsa or cheese sauce, you could give the avocado dip a try. I have personally tested it myself (the red Doritos is my favourite) and it’s unbelievably tasty. I mean, you’re still eating unhealthy nachos but at least it’s with some avocado and lemons instead of greasy cheese?


7 Avocado Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

5. A mix of avocado, cream cheese and mango

Look, I’m well aware that this recipe may sound ridiculous and you might be asking yourself why the hell would you mix fruit with an avocado but the truth is this is some good stuff. If you’re worried about all the saturated fats in the cream cheese you could get a ”reduced fat” one, they’re in all big supermarkets. Anyway, let’s get straight to the recipe. Again, you need to scoop out the avocado and cut it in some mid-size chunks. Same with the mango! I know cutting mango could be really tricky and to be honest, I’ve tried it only once (it was ugly and messy) and since then I’m just buying ready to eat pieces. But if you’re a responsible person and can handle your mango, just get one from the shop (besides it’s cheaper). Mix those bits with the cream cheese (I like to add approximately half of a 250 gr pack) and then you can just have it on its own or…

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6. All of this but with some salmon

I like to think I created this avocado recipe myself (lies) so what I like to do is put some salmon on brown bread and have it with the avocado-mango mix on top. Also, don’t get me wrong, I know salmon is quite expensive, and eating all that cream cheese can be too high in calories. My advice is to not have this every day because you could go bankrupt (or fat) but it’s quite nice every once in a while, besides when I told my mum that I made this for myself she was quite impressed. So go ahead, impress your mum too!

7 Avocado Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

7. Avocado salad

The internet is full of avocado recipes with all kinds of super healthy foods such as chia seeds, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, unicorn hairs and all those. All I’m going to give you is a simple as hell salad. With an avocado. All you need is some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chicken bits (or just skip the chicken if you’re vegetarian/vegan) and maybe some sauce if you’d like. Again, cut the avocado in bits, cut the cherry tomatoes in half an add all of that, mix with some lemon, salt and olive oil and enjoy!


Let’s make something clear, I hate avocado too if it’s not with salt and lemon! So if you aren’t a fan – I completely understand that. I hope the simple recipes are somewhat interesting for you and you give them a try! Do comment how you eat your avocados below x

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