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2017 Autumn Fashion Trends And How To Wear Them

2017 Autumn Fashion Trends And How To Wear Them

Although we are still in the midst of summertime, Autumn is right around the corner. Get ahead of the game with the 2017 autumn fashion trends!

While we may be in the middle of summer, and it may seem odd to be looking ahead to the colder months, designers already have their Autumn collections ready to roll out. Within the next couple of months, stores will begin stocking their Autumn clothing lines with fresh new wardrobe opportunities for the upcoming season. So here are the 2017 Autumn fashion trends and how to wear them.

1. Business Attire For Casual Wear

Power suits were huge during the 80’s, with shoulder padding and amazing tailoring; now the 2017 Autumn season has its own take on this trend. Synch waist blazers and high waisted suit trousers, with floor grazing hems and crisp lines throughout, are the go-to for office or street style this season. Match the blazer to the trousers for this look, with some sleek hair and minimal jewellery; add some matching coloured loafers to really embrace your inner boss.


2. Add Some Shine

As we step into the colder months images of grey clouds and snow come to mind, and designers have embraced this with a hint of shimmer through the introduction of metallic silver as a highlighted colour choice. This colour works well in both formal and casual settings, when worn and styled correctly; and is a great touch to brighten up your wardrobe. Wear this colour on a long pleated skirt with a similar coloured top for day wear, and as a mid-length dress with some stand out red heels for a night-time look.

3. Autumn Florals

Florals are definitely making a splash in the Autumn collections of many designers this upcoming season. Bright colours or muted and worn on tops, dresses or trousers, this is a truly beautiful trend that can be worn to any occasion. And only the especially brave can wear two clashing floral patterns at once.


4. Lady In Red

While maroon has been the main colour for past Autumn seasons; this year an in-your-face red is the choice of the runway. A beautiful colour, that has long been associated with a woman’s femininity and sexuality, looks good on most people. Avoid wearing this as part of a suit, otherwise you’ll risk looking like an air hostess, but wear as a waist synching belt, or on a long boxy coat to really stand out in a crowd. If you’re feeling subtler, consider wearing a bright red lip with a naked face to stay on trend without being too in your face.


5. Waist Clinching

Over the past few years, fuller, curvier figures, have really been coming into style; designers are now bringing this shape into their lines with waist clinchers. Big belts, really the bigger the better, that pull a woman in at her waist have been cropping up all over the catwalks and now you need one in your wardrobe. Wear over a loosely fitted dress or shirt, slightly pulled over the top of the belt to exaggerate the shape and to really take this look to the next level, wear over an oversized coat.

6. Big Boxy Bags

Last season smaller bags with curtain ring handles and cross body bags were all the rage, but moving into Autumn 2017, oversized boxy bags are the main trend. Prefect to carry your day to day things in, while also adding the finishing touch to any outfit; the oversized bag should be a go-to buy this season. When buying this staple bag aim for something that can go with many different outfits, but also try to select something that suits your personality.

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7. Plaid Everything

Patterns have a big place this season, but none are more prominent that plaid. This pattern is popping up in all clothing items, and can be worn as both office attire and casual attire, depending on what clothing items you wear it with. Either wear on a single item of clothing as the statement piece with other more muted pieces alongside, or on a two-piece suit for an office look; or you could even wear contrasting plaid pieces for an edgy street look.


8. Quilted Coats

Conjuring images of 90’s fashion, the quilted coat has made a comeback into our modern-day wardrobe. Showing this season in a multitude of colours and lengths; this coat can be worn by any girl and still look great. The quilted coat works best for casual settings, and is best worn with tighter fitting trousers to balance out the outfit; although with smaller quilting you can wear with slightly more volume on your bottom half.

These are some of the 2017 upcoming autumn fashion trends!! Share your favorite look in the comment section below!
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