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15 Autumn Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe

15 Autumn Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe

With fall fast approaching you're going to need to fill your wardrobe with autumn colours! We've made a list of some of the best ones for you this season!

As if you didn’t know, Autumn is pretty much on the doorstep and if you haven’t started stocking up your wardrobe yet then you’re running out of time. Don’t fret though, we’re going to give you a helping hand by letting you know 15 Autumn Colours that Your Wardrobe Needs.

1. Camel

This one is a given, since practically ever coat comes in this colour. It’s a perfect shade for the early days of Autumn because of the leaves beginning to change and the nip in the air, the neutral shade of brown looks great especially in the form of a pea coat. It’s also a great colour to keep in your wardrobe for those unexpected warmer days of Autumn, so make sure you’ve got this Autumn colour ready and waiting in your wardrobe before the season rolls around.

2. Chocolate

The colour isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word chocolate. Gorging yourself on the confectionary is the most relatable theme that comes to mind but chocolate as a colour is actually the most gorgeous shade of brown you could have in your wardrobe this autumn. It’s luxurious, comes in a range of materials (most notable fur and suede) and can be paired with a lot of other autumnal colours which makes the colour really versatile. It’s definitely one colour you’ll want in your wardrobe is autumn. This is one of the best autumn colours!


3. Powder Blue

I’ve banged on about this colour a lot, but powder blue is going to be one of the most versatile colours in your Autumn wardrobe. Because of it’s association with blue sky, blue water and miscellaneous other summer things, it’ll be the perfect colour for those summer blues – no pun intended. Look for it in all forms from mohair jumpers to power suits, it’s the colour for all clothing and if it’s not in your Autumn wardrobe yet, well there’s only so little time left to make this addition.

4. Rose Pink

Again, it’s probably not the first colour that comes in your mind when you think Autumn, but actually rose pink is going to be really popular this year. It’s muted pinky red tones match Autumn sunsets and jumpers in this colour are really flattering for a lot of skin types and hair colours so pretty much anyone can wear it. And it’s just a really feminine colour that looks great in any wardrobe, so why wouldn’t you want to add this to you Autumn coloured wardrobe?

5. Burnt Orange

Ah, burnt orange. It’d be impossible to get through an Autumnal themed list without mentioning this colour. It’s the colour of leaves, the colour of fire on cold autumnal evenings and of course halloween so how could it be left off this list? A lot of boots come in this colour so they’re perfect to add to your shoe collection, but also looks for it in pairs of trousers because burnt orange is extremely flattering on the legs – hence shoes and trousers. Don’t go without this colour in your wardrobe this Autumn.


6. Tan

Probably more associated with summer – you know tanning and what not – the muted brown colour is really good for the transitional period between late summer and early autumn. It’s perfect for thigh high boots, coats, jumpers pretty much any Autumnal clothing you can think of and looks really great in suede. Actually, you might not even have to go out and buy this colour, it’s probably taking up space in your autumnal wardrobe already but just in case it isn’t, you better head out and pick it up before Autumn begins.

7. Beige

Where would Autumn be without Beige? Yes, it’s another shade of brown, but doesn’t that basically sum up Autumn altogether? Plus, the neutral earthy tone is so easy to pair with a number of other colours that all your outfits will look exquisite if you’ve got beige in your Autumn wardrobe. It’s also a colour that is known for being a colour that makes any outfit look more expensive, so if you’re wanting to look a little extra one day, then you can’t go wrong with beige this season.

8. Cranberry

Like the juice, like mulled wine, like the colour of scented candles, cranberry it the ideal colour to have around during autumn. It’s a rich colour, so looks extravagant in any outfit combination and is another feminine colour to have in your wardrobe. It suits a lot of lipstick colours so don’t take wardrobe to literally because it might be that you’re wearing it in make up form a lot this autumn, whether that be a smokey eye or lovely lip colour. It’s a colour for jumpers and coats so make sure to go hunting for these items in this autumnal colour. This is one of the autumn colours we love!


9. Fire Engine Red

This colour just makes you feel better, brighter, sexier? But it’s also a great colour to keep around for autumn because, low and behold, it looks good an everyone and this fact has been proven. It’s flattering and feminine colour, with a vast range of clothing options to choose from. You also can’t go wrong with it in make up form. It might be one for more towards the end of Autumn, heading into winter and *ahem* Christmas *ahem* but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be stocking up on this autumnal colour right now.

10. Navy Blue

The great thing about navy, is that you can pretty much layer the colour over and over again. It’s a layerable colour, meaning that you can find a coat, a skirt, a jumper, tights and shoes in navy, but them all together in one outfit and it would still look good. It’s the perfect blue for autumn because it’s dark enough that it suits the season, still bright enough to be a colour for all outfits. It’s the colour of those darker nights but it’s not a cold colour. Keep cosy in navy and add it to your Autumn clothing colours list.

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11. Grey

This is a fantastic colour to have in your wardrobe especially over autumn because it’s a perfect medium when you don’t want something that’s too dark or too light. You can find a lot of cashmere in this colour which is great for warmth over the autumn/winter months and is another lovely transitional colour for in between autumn and winter. It’s also another one of those magical colours that can be warn with itself over and over. Stock up on grey for your autumnal wardrobe.

12. White

For those days when your wishing for snow, you can’t really get any better than white. The best thing about it, is all those gorgeous, crisp jumpers that come in the colour but everyone avoids buying it because of the endless amount of stains that appear on every white item of clothing. Well, you better stock up on white this season and learn to avoid stains instead because it is one of the best colours for transitioning between autumn and winter. And easily one of the best autumn colours to have in your autumnal wardrobe.

13. Auburn

Much more than just a hair colour, auburn is one of the best shades of orange to grab during the autumn period. It works well with various materials and patterns as well as being a great colour to mix and match several other autumn colours with. Looking particularly good alongside white (as seen below) it’s highly recommended to find some space in your wardrobe for this beautiful muted orange shade. After all, orange is the colour of autumn right?


14. Maroon

Probably the most difficult colour to find but definitely not one you want to be skimping on, maroon is the lavish colour you’ll be needing on the lead up to the end of autumn and beginning of winter. It’s deep red hue works perfectly with jeans, while still managing to dress up any outfit. Velvet blazers are a must have to own in autumn and a maroon coloured one would do better. This colour should definitely be taking up space in your autumnal wardrobe.

15. Mustard Yellow

How could we forget about this one? I mean just look at that dress! It’s a gorgeous bright yellow colour, but still muted enough that it can be paired with other autumn colours or some darker colours as seen below. You can even get away with wearing bright red with mustard yellow and it looks incredibly luxurious in velvet (the dress is making me swoon). Do not miss out on the chance to add mustard yellow to your autumn wardrobe because I guarantee you will regret it!

What are your favourite autumn colours? Do you like our picks for autumn colours? Comment it below!
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