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5 At Home Workouts Every Uni Student Needs To Try

5 At Home Workouts Every Uni Student Needs To Try

Trying to stay fit and healthy at uni can sometimes be difficult with the overwhelming challenge of balancing uni work, your social life and keeping fit and healthy whilst also enjoying all the partying, late nights and junk food. At home workouts are a perfect way to stay on top of your fitness in an easy, fuss-free environment, so here are our top 5 at home workouts that every uni student needs to try, all in the comfort of your dorm room!

1. Weighted Squats

Squats are a great way to get your blood pumping and your legs burning. When doing your squats, always try to do them weighted as this will maximise the effects of your workout and give you the best results. Anything you have lying around your dorm is fine: water bottles, shoes or books, literally anything! Whilst keeping your back straight, spread your feet shoulder width apart and squat as much as you can (the lower the better). The slower you perform this exercise, the more effective it will be. Do 3 sets of 8-12 squats (whatever feels comfortable, yet effective for you). Push yourself until you feel a slight burn in your thighs but if you’re in pain, you’ve reached your limit!

2. High Knees

At home workouts are perfect to keep you fit and healthy in your dorm and high knees are super easy and will get your heart pumping immediately. Simply standing in one spot and raising each of your knees as high as you can in alternate motions is a perfect way to increase your heart rate and get some super-easy and convenient cardio. A few minutes of this each time you workout will improve your metabolism, stamina and is great if you’re trying to tone and tighten any ‘problem areas’.


3. Push Ups

Push ups are one of the best at home workouts but can be super difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. If this is the case for you then you’re body weight should suffice in giving you an effective workout, without adding any weights. Ensure that your body is straight and that your bum isn’t sticking up in the air, creating an angle (this will reduce the effectiveness of the workout and bad form can cause injuries). Place the palms of your hands shoulder width apart and lower your body as low as you can (ideally your face would be a cm or 2 from the ground). This is great for toning your arms and improving your core strength.


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4. Burpees

Burpees are great for making you sweat, burning a lot of calories and provides a really good workout for several muscle groups. A burpee is essentially jumping down into a plank then jumping back up into the air with as much power as you can. This full body exercise is ideal for an at home workout in your uni dorm as they use a range of muscles and is a super beneficial exercise to do to keep you in tip top shape whilst still enjoying your crazy uni life.


5. Superman

You may need a little room for this one, depending on how tall you are. For this exercise, you lay on your belly and extend your arms and legs until your arms and legs are stretched off the ground and your torso is the only thing touching the ground. This at home workout is great for toning and strengthening your bum, back, hips and shoulders and is super easy for anyone to do, including beginners, so why not give it a try!

If you try any of these at home workouts, let us know in the comments!

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