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14 Amazing ASOS Dresses You Need Right Now

14 Amazing ASOS Dresses You Need Right Now

Trying to find affordable and trendy dresses for the spring and summertime can be difficult, but these new ASOS dresses are absolutely amazing!

The high-end amazing trends for the spring and summer seasons have come out, and we’ve been waiting for some affordable brands to step up their game and recreate them. After doing a little research, I think I would have to say that ASOS has definitely done it! Here are 14 amazing ASOS dresses that I know you’ll want to buy!

1. The Sequin Floral Shift Dress 

Flowers for spring and summer? Yes! The ultimate fashion trend of the embroidered flowers has been recreated by ASOS perfectly: the embellished silver sequins, paired with the bright pops of color from the flowers create such a beautiful look!

2. Chain Mail Mini Dress

The Chain Mail Mini Dress is a timeless creation, which has been adopted by every star and influencer over the years. This dress has such a beautiful and simple cut that really gives your body figure a moment to shine.



3. Off The Shoulder Dress With Bell Sleeves

Wide and long sleeves are definitely trending at the moment. The big bell sleeve that is taking over the fashion industry just adds a pinch of femininity to any outfit!



4. The Denim Dress

The denim dress is the latest hottest trend and must-have. Why? Because it is a dress that can be worn from day to night, and can be enriched with accessories and a statement pair of shoes! It can also be great for an “on-the-go” type of look as well when combined with trainers and the right handbag!

5. The T-Shirt Dress

This is a  summer must-have for your daytime looks! Choose the right color for your skin tone and play around with it. And of course, it is not a t-shirt dress if it doesn’t have rolled sleeves!


6. Bright Yellow Off-The-Shoulder Mini Dress

The “I have sexy shoulders” or “look at my collar bones” style is now seen everywhere. So update your wardrobe and embrace those summertime vibes with a bright yellow off-the-shoulder dress from ASOS!

7. The Upgraded Bodycon Dress

With the repeated styles of the bodycon dress, there was a necessity for a new way of thinking in order to upgrade and sort of reinvent it. Lucky for you, ASOS has done it! Upgrade your basic look with a bodycon statement dress, and you’ll be ready to go!


8. The 80’s Waitress Dress

A pastel delicacy that brings us back to the “Drive In” age. This dress will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, especially if in combo with the right vintage sunglasses!


9. The Statement Dress

A dress that makes a statement! Of course it depends on your personal style how extreme of a statement you want to make, but a statement dress can be more simple with an interesting shape, or it could be bright and colorful like this ASOS dress!

10. The Graphic Pencil Dress

Embracing the nudes we love for this summer, ASOS has created a new version of the pencil dress: a lean and simple cut enriched by fabrics, laces and shapes. The combination of the light nude tone and the yellow make this dress a perfect fit for every skin color.

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11. The “Drama At The Club” Dress

We don’t like when there’s no drama. Go next level with this dramatic little black dress. This would be great for those of you who don’t like being “extra”, but don’t want to go unnoticed.


12. The Ruffle Dress

This one shoulder floral trapeze mini dress makes us feel like we’re into summer already. A structured yet simple style that fits both day and nighttime looks; with a jacquard floral print and the softest linen you’ll ever find!

13. The Latina Dress

Scuba fabric seems to be causing some confusion among newer sewers at the moment, so I thought I would try and explain what the fabric actually is. This material has been used in ‘high street fashion’ for a few years now and as a general rule- Scuba fabrics tend to be made from Polyester, and they are well known for having both good stretch and recovery.


14. The “I’m Wearing A Blazer” Dress

Look like you mean business with the ultimate in-work style from ASOS: a hybrid dress that is in between a slick blazer and a tuxedo. This dress nails structured shapes and sharp tailoring with its strong lapel and button up detailing. Finish off any look with killer heels and bold accessories, and get ready to look like the ultimate boss babe!

These are 15 amazing ASOS dresses that you definitely need right now! Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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