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10 Unique Art Pieces You Absolutely Need In Your Flat

10 Unique Art Pieces You Absolutely Need In Your Flat

These are some art pieces that are absolutely so unique and popular right now you will want them in your flat as soon as possible.

These art pieces for your flat can brighten up any room with their burst of color or meaning behind it. Here are some of the most unique and popular art pieces to make your flat feel more like home.

1. Father and I (2016, Acrylic on Plywood, 79.5 x 110 x 2cm)

Heavily influenced by symbolism, geometry and even maths, the work of Kubota Fumikazu is abstract, colourful and larger than life. His work is bright and colourful and his work would brighten up every flat.

2. On A Platter – Gilcee Open Edition

The 42 year old British artist, Joe Webb, creates art that delivers a message. His work has a heavy political influence and, at the same time, looks extremely cool. Check out Joe’s works on his website!


3. Girls 3 Pack Set of 3 prints, Size 100 x 100 mm each

If you fancy your art a bit more controversial, make sure to check out the Australian artist Lucy Adelaide. Lucy’s goal is it to make people feel something with their art and has a heavy influence of current affairs, which she blames on the internet where she draws her inspiration from.

4. Die Machenschaften des Dr. Spy 250 x 200 cm

Slightly creepy, slightly theatric but incredibly cool. Florian Schulz is an artist based in Berlin, who’s currently exhibiting his work online. His work is aimed at creating a “surreal” world that catches its audience.

5. My little Wookie, 140 x 107 cm

Super Future Kid is the kind of artist that will include your favourite films in his work and make them even cooler. Born in Berlin, but based in London, his art pieces is super cool and unique and would look great in your flat.

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6. Pulp Fiction poster designed by Jacob Wise

Your favourite movie poster is always a nice decor for your flat. Either you get the original, or you browse through the web and find artists like Jacob Wise, who created a poster with his own twist on it.

7. Little London: View From The Tate 2

Michael Wallner creates his artwork on aluminium, or even neon LED installations. His work celebrates the beauty of the city he loves, London.


8. Space Hiking H 34 cm x W 34 cm x D 0.1 cm

Anne Storno is an artist who uses  photography, drawing, paint and collage to explore and express her view of the world around her. Her work is created with a lot of love and comes in mainly limited editions in her art pieces.

9. Detritus Decor 2018 @tributary.projects

Jacob Potter is a visual artist living in Canberra who uses creates his art pieces using all sorts of materials, and then weaves them in unconventionally into paintings. Jacob’s work is so unique it can’t be missing in your flat!

10. Eastside Gallery (Berlin Wall), Muhlenstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Decor your flat with some history. A print of the iconic “The Kiss” form Berlin’s East Side Gallery will make your flat look instantly cooler.

What are some of your favorite art pieces? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image: Weheartit