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Are You Better Off Having A Dog Or A Child?

Are You Better Off Having A Dog Or A Child?

More and more people are choosing to have a dog nowadays over a baby. Apparently millennials are too afraid of the commitment and responsibility of having a child, but could it be due to other reasons? Perhaps the huge cost of having a child? So here’s a breakdown of the argument for having a dog over a child. You chose which you’d prefer.

1. Money 

Children are expensive. There’s no sugarcoating it, having a child is an investment of huge amounts of money. In the UK it costs around £230,000 to raise a child to 21, in the US it costs $233,000. That can buy a house. A very nice house. Or a lot of amazing holidays. 


This is why a lot more people are choosing to not have kids presently, they just can’t afford it. In the past, the mum would stay at home and raise the child, so there was no nursery or childcare cost. And there was a higher chance of someone landing a job back then, now, even with degrees, there is a slim chance at employment. 

This means more people are still living with their parents because they can’t afford to move out. And who wants to raise a family while still in your parents house? You want the freedom away from them constantly telling you how to do everything.

So the age we are having children is being pushed back, until we find stability in life. 


A dog, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper to raise. Even if you spoil your dog rotten, it’s still cheaper. The first year of having a dog will cost around £1,000 as you’re buying supplies, vets bills and chips, licensing etc. Each additional year on average is around £500. That is a more ideal price to be dealing with when you aren’t sure about your pay checks half-the-time. 

2. Sleep

New parents are known for being zombies. They don’t get any sleep because the baby cries through the night for a feed, or nappy change, or just because. While a dog lets you have a peaceful nights sleep… to an extent. 


A dog may give you a few restless nights at the beginning as they get used to their new surroundings, but for the large majority after that you get to rest. Unless you let your dog in your room at night, in which case you may get woken up with a few licks early in the morning. 

Having a dog or a baby can keep you up at night, but which would you prefer to wake you up?

3. Freedom

You can’t leave a child alone, that’s bad parenting. But you can leave your dog home alone for a while without fearing the worst. There is some more freedom in having a dog, you can leave to go to work and not worry about having to organise childcare. Or you can pop out to the shop without having to set up that annoying contraption of a pram. 


And when you return your dog will be so excited to see you that it makes coming home that much better. Who doesn’t love being treated by a wagging tail?

4. Childbirth

This is an obvious one. Us females don’t have to go through the pain of giving birth to a dog. It’s a more delightful process, you go to the RSPCA or shelter or breeder and you pick up the dog of your choosing. 

There’s no screaming, or bleeding, the worst part of getting a dog is choosing which dog to get. There are too many to chose from, and you want to take them all home. How do you chose which dog is for you?


At least with childbirth there is a set child you are taking back home with you. You don’t have to deliberate over which baby to take.

5. Over Population 

There is a massive problem in overpopulation on Earth, and to chose to have a baby is to keep adding to that population. If you want to save the earth a little bit, or at least, not add to the environmental issues, you should chose to have a dog instead. 


The world is a happier place with more dogs around, it always brings a smile to your face when you see someone walking a dog on the street. Less people get all gooey over a baby in a stroller.

6. Exercise

A dog requires a walk every day, of some considerable length. Depending on the dog, they can require even more, those bigger dogs will need a lot more exercise. 

And as your dog exercises, so do you. So if you need an excuse to start being more active, get a dog. You’ll be getting slimmer legs each day. 

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A baby, on the other hand, will not get you out of the house as much. You may take them out for a stroll every now and again, but it’s more popular to drive the child around in a car to get them off to sleep than a stroll around the block.


7. Potty Training

This a benefit in favour of having a baby. With both dogs and babies potty training is a big challenge, but there is an end to it with your child. 

You can train your dog to go to the toilet outside the house, but you will always have to pick up his poop for as long as he lives. There is no way around it, it’s just something you have to do. 

But a baby will learn to handle his toiletry needs by himself eventually. Yes those first few years are awful, and can make you gag at what a little human can produce but once you’ve potty trained them you can be free. 


8. Talking

Dogs bark. Children can talk, eventually. Dogs are great, and they give you unconditional love for as longs they live. But a child can give you conversation, your child becomes their own little human with their own thoughts and questions. 

They will become your entertainment when they come home from school telling you all the things they’ve learnt. They’ll become your best friend and you’ll never love anything more. 


9. Cuteness

This one depends on what you consider cute. I personally find dogs adorable, who wouldn’t be able to find them cute. But some people prefer babies, which is their own personal preference. 

But I would want the cute wet nose and waggy tail over a baby. 

So which are you leaning more towards now? The debate of dog or child is leaning more in favour of dog in the present day.

Comment below if you think you’ll follow the trend in having a dog over a child. 

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