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Are Soulmates Real? 12 Signs That Prove Them True

Are Soulmates Real? 12 Signs That Prove Them True

Are soulmates real for you? Here are a few signs that prove that soulmates are indeed real. Read our article to find out if you have found your soulmate.

Are soulmates real? There are many theories behind the existence of soul mates, so much so that it’s difficult to find who to believe. The most extreme view would be that there is only one person out there for us, and it’s our job to try and find them. Others claim that there are several soul mates for each person all around the world, making the chances of finding them that little bit higher. Then, finally, you have the 100% non-believers, who say that soul mates are nothing more than a scam which gravitates the population towards an unrealistic ideal. The chances of finding a soul mate may be questionable, but here’s 12 signs that prove you might have found yours!

1. Psychology says so

Some psychology theories argue that although you may not be born with a specific soulmate, you can become someone’s soulmate as a result of a deep and loving relationship. Have you ever observed a couple who have already been together for years and thought, “They’re just made for each other”? It’s possible that they’ve actually developed into soulmates over time, making it not a matter of luck, but the result of hard work.

2. You feel it inside

It’s in your gut. There’s an intense physical attraction and you feel electricity flowing when you’re around them. You feel elated when you speak with them and have no explanation why. You just feel it – you just know.


3. You share eye contact

If engaging in eye contact comes naturally and feels completely comfortable, there’s a chance you’re staring into the eyes of your soul mate. This comes from the deep rooted and true connection you share which is felt from deep within. Cute.

4. You feel completely safe with them

When they’re around you don’t have a care in the world. You feel comfortable, at ease and in tune to the fact that if anything went wrong, you’d have them to help you fix it.

5. Studies on energy patterns say so

According to The Science of Soulmates, evidence found on energy patterns which pass through the universe demonstrates the existence of people who are made for one another. Scientists claim that these energy patterns together represent the complexities of human nature. Another reason to tell yourself they’re your soul mate…


6. They’re flaws don’t bug you

Everyone has flaws, and love can unfortunately make you blind at times, but true soul mates can recognise one another’s flaws and accept them. They’re not scared to talk about them either, it’s all about being open and at ease with each other.

7. You finish each other’s sentences

You’re always on the same wave length and you know each other’s minds inside out. You finish their sentences and they finish yours, unprompted, as if you share one thought process.

8. You both want the same thing

Are soulmates real if you have known your soulmate for a long time with no romantic attachment? Maybe you’ve known someone for years, and suddenly you find yourselves going down a romantic pathway and both wanting the same thing at the same time. Finding your real soul mate is all about timing, so if they don’t want the same thing as you, they might be someone else’s destiny.

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9. You feel complete

You no longer lay awake at night wondering about the future, the companionship of your soul mate provides you with the relieving sensation of being complete.

10. You have an intellectual understanding

You simply just get each other. No questions asked. You speak, they get it, they speak, and you get it. Outsiders probably don’t get it, because only true soul mates can have such a full understanding of one another.


11. Their energy feels irreplaceable

Though you might wonder “are soulmates real?”, if the person you like is irreplaceable in your eyes then there is a chance he or she might be your soulmate. You fuel yourself off their energy and you can’t get enough of it. You don’t know how to describe it, but the idea of not being around it is unimaginable. Always trust energy, your instincts will usually be true!

12. You finally feel like yourself

It’s normal to struggle with your identity when you’re growing up, and nobody wants to be defined by their relationship, but maybe the person you’re with makes you feel like the best possible version of yourself, and if they’re your true soul mate, you should make them feel the same way!

Are soulmates real for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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