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5 Apps to Help You Sleep and Nap Better

5 Apps to Help You Sleep and Nap Better

These 5 Apps to Help You Sleep and Nap Better will fight your insomnia (a dream... literally... you might dream again and SLEEP).

There’s nothing like getting a good night’s sleep. It’s rare and wonderful. But when you achieve the impossible everything becomes easier and less stressful… Work, college, your love life, friendships (you name it).

Sometimes (and no matter how HARD you try or how many sheep’s you count) nothing will do the trick when you really need to be ‘fresh’ the following day for that important meeting, or first date. Below are 5 Apps to Help You Sleep and Nap Better (who would have thought this was a thing… or maybe it’s obvious, I don’t know).

1) Relax Melodies

Ahhh, even the name sounds soothing. This app is designed to wave goodbye sleepless nights with an endless repertoire of classical and nature sounds to lull you into that deep, NEEDED sleep. The app lets you make your own playlists depending on what works best for you, pulling songs from your existing playlists but adding a twist of calmness.


Join the massive community already using this app (I literally just downloaded it and can confirm, after a good ol’ nap, it works).¬† Oh and it’s free.

2) Pillow

This app to help you sleep and nap monitors your night by monitoring motion and sound pattern, noting when you’re asleep and when you’re awake. The app also uses measures such a weight, caffeine intake, alcohol consumption and blood pressure to see how they might impact your restful (or not so restful) night.

It’s also an alarm clock, so this two-in-one app kills two birds with one stone (kind to the limited storage on your phone too).


3) Pzizz

I did try to imagine how this might sound for probably a whole 5 minutes, but I’ve got it (I think).

So apparently (and stay with me here) this app designed to help you sleep and nap uses the science of psychoacoustics (sounds way more complicated than it is… although I’m sure the science of it is way beyond my understanding of anything) which explores sound perception and psychological effects.

The sound sequences available are tailored to your needs with music and voiceovers.


If you want to unlock their “ultimate sleep experience” you can take their 7-day sleep challenge before it goes Premium (so get it while it’s free basically).

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4) Noisli

Unfortunately, this app isn’t free (sigh) but is only $1.99 (yay). Through the use of sounds and colours (the others don’t do this… oooh), it’s designed to exude relaxation allowing you to slowly fall into a deep sleep.


You can personalise your sounds to whatever you want combined with rain, wind, thunderstorm, leaves and water sounds or if you want something less traditionally relaxing, coffee shop bustle and white noise. You can share your fave combo’s and send to friends and family.

5) Sleep Well Hypnosis

‘Sleep well’ YES PLEASE.

Apparently, this app helps reduce anxious thoughts, I’m not sure how but I’m all for it (who doesn’t need a bit anxiety reduction every now and then to prevent that Britney breakdown). This is almost always the problem that leads to sleepless nights so this one sounds extra promising.


With soothing sounds and voiceovers (a bit like Pzizz) it aims to have you sleeping soundly in just three weeks. Imagine that. Insomnia be gone.

Forcing yourself to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up fresh for the next day is challenging for a lot of us. Whether it’s anxious thoughts, work load or personal issues, these Apps to help you sleep and nap might just do the trick if you can stick with them long enough. It’s a long (ish) process but definitely worth it if you wanna ditch the insomnia.

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