10 Apps For Networking And Meeting Like Minded People

The following apps are ideal for meeting people with similar interest, career paths and, overall, expanding your social circles. And the best thing? They are for free! Here are 10 apps for networking.

When looking for a date or casual fling, Tinder seems like the best option. But, what about when you merely want to meet new people? Look no further. The following apps are ideal for meeting people with similar interest, career paths and, overall, expanding your social circles. And the best thing? They are for free! Here are 10 apps for networking.

1. Meetup

Meetup aims to bring together people with common interests. Operating in thousands of cities, the apps allow users to check out events our groups meeting in your local area. Whether is party-aficionados, fitness lovers or tech enthusiast, Meetup promises to something for everyone.

2. Shapr

Tinder meets LinkedIn. Shapr allows you to add up 10 startups and career-related interests. Each day, between 10 and 15 potential matches will be selected, based on your interests, experience, and location. You’ll swipe through profiles and, once a perfect match has been selected, you can arrange to go for a cuppa and build a long-lasting professional relationship. There are some great apps for networking!


3. Bumble

Mostly famous for being another dating app, Bumble offers more than romance with its BFF matching session. You can select your settings to specifically find new friends the same way you’re looking for a date. So, the premise is similar: swipe right to match the friendliest and coolest looking people and swipe left for the ones who aren’t your type.

4. GroupMe

The application, which includes photo and location sharing, it’s like a private chat room for a small group. You can join as many groups as you want at no extra cost. Organising meetings with colleagues, game nights and even keeping in touch with family is made possible in the same place.

5. MeetMe

With over 100 million users, MeetMe covers all nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. You can start a conversation via a status update giving users an insight into your life. With such diversity is nearly impossible not to find a good match.


6. Nearify

Nearify touts itself as an app for finding what events are happening in your area, but it’s also a brilliant way of meeting new people. You can check what events other users are attending, as well as keep in the know about upcoming concerts, plays, and festivals.

7. CamCard

What a better way to get your business out there than by handing in your business card? With CamCard, you to can forget about printing, just take a picture of the card and you are done. CamCard captures all business card and contact information quickly and accurately.

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8. Nextdoor

Sometimes you have been living in a place for a while and yet, have no idea who is next door. Next door is the perfect way to contact your neighbours and keep on with the local community. Whether sharing safety tips, to planning a local event, this private social network promises to better your community spirit.

9. CityHour

When networking, conflicting schedules make impossible to arrange a simple 20-minute chat. CityHour connects you with like-minded professionals within a 50-mile radius whenever you are available to network. The app also gives you insider tips to further your career.

10. Ripple

From the creators of Tinder, this app promises to be the LinkedIn mobile alternative. You can build a personal profile with your experience, education, and skills. Simply by swiping right, you can meet inspiring people and network.

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