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8 Apps All University Students Need To Have

8 Apps All University Students Need To Have

Are you a student in need of new apps? Here are 8 apps all university students need to have.

Being a university student can be made a bit easier when you have the right apps on your phone. There are so many useful apps that will make your time at university more enjoyable and easier. Here are 8 must have apps.

1. Snapchat

If you are a university student Snapchat is a must have app. Snapchat is probably the app that most students use to contact their friends. You can quickly send a snap to your friends to update them on what you are currently doing. With one of the latest updates you can now do group video calls on Snapchat.

2. Instagram

If you have a phone with a good camera Instagram is a must have! Instagram is not only a way to document your university life with lots of great photos, but it is also a great app to view memes. The meme accounts on Instagram will make you laugh with their funny posts.


3. Twitter

Twitter is basically like a news app. The latest news is always trending. Twitter is the app you need if you want to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the world. Whether that’s politics, celebrity gossip or latest fashion trends. Twitter is the app to have.

4. UniDays

For those of you who love a good discount, UniDays is an app you need to download now! UniDays gives you student discounts from different shops. These include: New Look, Adidas, Topshop, Footasylum, ASOS, JD, etc.

5. Netflix

If you don’t have Netflix at university, what are you doing in your free time? Netflix is a must have app for all university students, especially if you don’t have a TV in your room. Netflix is a pay monthly service which allows you to stream movies on your phone, tablet, laptop, TV, etc. There are a wide range of movies and TV series’ to choose from. Netflix is the app you turn to when you are sitting in your dorm room bored, waiting on your friends to return from their lectures or seminars.

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6. Swipes

If your memory is not the best and you tend to forget tasks, download Swipes. Swipes is a great app to use to set reminders for tasks and deadlines. It’s a great tool to use to plan your day. It has a range of different features to help you decide when you want to compete your task. With this app you won’t have a reason to miss a deadline or not complete a task because this app will remind you.

7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messaging app which is where a lot of the university group chats are on. Group chats may be annoying, but it is the fastest way to find out about the latest parties and clubbing events. WhatsApp is also an easy way to send videos and documents for free to people who may be on your course. You can make group chats with the people on your course and you can quickly contact each other if you need help with an assignment or have a question about the course.


8. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most used music apps. You can download it for free and use the free version or pay (£9.99) monthly for the premium, ad-free version. Using UniDay’s you can get 50% off per month as a student. For only £4.99 a month you can listen to music using your data or download the songs for offline use. As a university student this is definitely a must have app.

Comment down below any apps you recommend having if you are a university student.

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