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Apocalists: What Are They And Do We Need Them?

Apocalists: What Are They And Do We Need Them?

You’ve heard of a bucket list, but what are apocalists?

The CW’s No Tomorrow, a romantic-comedy drama, first introduced me to the concept of apocalists. It’s much like a bucket list, but with a far greater sense of urgency. The show features a young woman named Evie, who, with the help of a new acquaintance by the name of Xavier, is pushed into seizing life by the proverbial horns! How exactly is this achieved? And why? Well, let me tell you… 


Life’s too short to play it safe! 

You see, Xavier believes that in approximately 8 months an asteroid will impact with earth and end the world as we know it, thus finding himself in a position where he feels liberated by any and all social conventions! He also happens to be the only human who believes in his wild theory and can live this way without restraint. 

This sense of liberation comes in the physical form of apocalists: a collection of dreams, wants, and desires he decides he is going to fulfill before the world ends. Though Evie and Xavier’s connection turns both of their worlds upside down, and the worlds of their friends, it produces something truly beautiful – a collection of people who are inspired to really ‘suck the marrow out of life’. 


“Aren’t there things you wish you never had to do again?” – Xavier 



Even before we come to find that Xavier’s apocalypse theory is actually factually accurate and an imminent threat to the world, his seize the day mentality – though a little misguided at times – is ultimately something I believe we could all do with a little more of. Disregard those things that are weighing us down and instead making more time for our passions! 

The key difference between bucket lists and apocalists is, I believe, the motivations behind it and the ‘can do’ attitude brought about by one and not the other. For many people, a bucket list is a dream, something to hope for rather than to actively push towards completing. An apocalist is founded upon the idea that you will complete all that you write down. It’s about loosening up, letting go and more importantly, having fun. It’s about changing your day to day mentality, reaching for the stars and conquering your fears every chance you get – or at least, this is the way the show presents it.

I suppose what they’re trying to say is – we should all be more involved in living our best lives every day, rather than focusing on the things you have or haven’t achieved before you run out of time to achieve them. 

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Feeling inspired? – Let’s get started! 

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some of the things on Evie and Xavier’s apocalists: 

  1. Get my Pilot’s License 
  2. Get shot out of a cannon 
  3. Take in a homeless person 
  4. Touch the north pole 
  5. Attend an Eyes Wide Shut orgy 
  6. See the Northern Lights 
  7. Try bone marrow 
  8. Have Tea with Judge Judy 
  9. Threesome with Amy Brenneman and Christiane Amanpour 

And the cutest of them all (those who have seen the show will know)… 


   10. Tell Evie how I really feel. Screw non-monogamy (Yey! Honesty scone!)


The world is your oyster! 

As you can see by these examples, your hopes and dreams can be as varied and incredible as you could possibly imagine. Think about them often, tick things off regularly but always take it at your own pace, remember why you were so inspired in the first place and find that motivation within you – let it drive your soul forwards into making your hopes and dreams become reality. After all, ‘life’s too short to play it safe’. 

Do you have an apocalist or bucket list already? Have you seen the show? Leave a comment and let us know! We would love to hear about some of your hopes and dreams – the crazier the better. 

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