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15 Anniversary Gift Ideas That She Will Love

15 Anniversary Gift Ideas That She Will Love

If you're looking for some anniversary gift ideas for her, then these are the items to get! These gifts range from jewellery, fashion, unique gift sets, and more! Give her an anniversary she won't forget.

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Are you stuck for ideas? No fear! We have put together the ultimate list of gift ideas for that special someone in your life. It’s cliché but the perfect present doesn’t have to be super expensive, it really is the thought that counts. Here are the best anniversary gift ideas for her!

1. Flowers

Flowers are a more obvious choice but always a good way to go in terms of a gift. If you can, be more creative: pick out the bouquet yourself and show up at her door instead of getting them delivered.

2. A Candle

Buy her a candle and use it to set the mood for a romantic date-night in. Spend some time finding a scent that you think she will really love.


3. Perfume

If you buy her perfume, she will think of you every time she wears it. If you’re thinking of buying something more personal, there are places that allow you to pick out your own custom fragrance. For more ideas, check out:



4. Jewellery

If you’re looking for something more unique, go to your local market and find a beautiful vintage ring or necklace. Earrings are also a lovely way to go but, try and work out what kind she likes: studs or larger statement pieces.


5. A “Why I Love You” Scrapbook

The perfect anniversary doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re feeling creative, buy an empty notebook or journal and fill it with photos of you two together. You could also include some of the reasons why you love her or write a bucket list of things you have done and still would love to do together.

6. Lingerie

Buying her something to wear is always riskier but it can pay off. Find out what colour she likes wearing and find out what size she normally is. Don’t be afraid to ask a sales assistant for help if you’re feeling stuck!


7. An Engraved Photo Frame

Choose one of your favourite photos of you together and get it framed. There are places where you can get it engraved, which will make it even more special. In the age of Instagram, it’s sometimes nice to have a physical photo to look at and keep.

8. A Surprise Getaway

An experience together is sometimes nicer than a tangible gift. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to go together? A weekend away is always a great idea – especially if it’s a surprise! Remember, you don’t always have to go far: check out Airbnb or Voyage Privé for deals!


9. Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Pick out some of her favourites, buy a box and show up at her door! This is easily one of the best anniversary gift ideas!

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10. Sleepover Kit

If you’re celebrating an anniversary together, you are probably at that stage where you’re spending more time at each other’s place. Put together an overnight bag for her to keep at yours with some of her essentials – it can be a sweet way to show her how much you like having her around.

11. Breakfast in Bed

If you both usually have busy schedules, it can make a nice change to slow down and enjoy each other’s company in the morning. Make her favourite breakfast – pancakes, eggs, toast – and bring it to her in bed!

12. A Love Letter

Tell her how you really feel by writing her a letter or buy her a sweet, thoughtful card. You could do something extra sweet and write her a series of letters to open on different occasions: “Open when you feel…sad/happy/lost, etc.”


13. A Book

If she likes to read, a book can be a great way to show her that you know her taste or sense of humour. Take a trip to your local bookshop and spend some time browsing to find the perfect book that you think she will enjoy.

14. Tickets

Is there a concert she has been wanting to go to? Does she enjoy going to football matches? Are comedy clubs or the theatre more her thing? Do a bit of research and surprise her with tickets to a gig or show! This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas!


15. Something She Really Wants

This last gift idea will require you to think about if there is anything she has said she really wants, or maybe you ask her. Has she had her eye on a pair of trainers? Or, maybe something from ASOS? This will show her that you listen and really love her.

What do you think of these anniversary gift ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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