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Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Welcome back to the 90s where animal prints reigned on the catwalk and on the high street. If you love fashion like I do, you most likely saw the trend return to high street retailers over the past couple of months.

Fear not, the trend is still here and growing. If you’re looking for the next best, printed item, I have some print ideas for you to spice up your wardrobe.

Cow Print

Cow print is the animal print look for 2019.

This print has been taking over the high street, being featured at retailers such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

From denim jackets to leggings, this print has been incorporated into the fashion scene as the new print of 2019, offering something new to the already popular arsenal of prints on the fashion scene.

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Victoria Beckham has proven to be a follower of the trend, posting a picture of herself on her Instagram story wearing a cow print blouse and matching skirt, dubbing it her favourite print from her new collection.

Many designers and retailers have already jumped onto the trend and started coming out with cow print items. Expect to see many more in the coming months as spring and summer roll around.

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Cheetah Spots

Cheetahs never go out of style.

This animal print has been around since the 80s, famously worn by a wide range of celebrities and models.

The vintage renewal has pushed this print back into popular fashion with every retailer creating pieces featuring the print.

Historically seen on models such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, the trend is now back in style and worn by the average non-celebrity as a statement piece and reflection of one’s personal style.

Cheetah spotted fur coats became a must-have item manufactured by every retailer. Anna Wintour herself has endorsed the cheetah pattern with an array of items all featuring cheetah spots.

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Tiger Stripes

Tiger stripes were made for racy ladies with an edgy sense of style.

Crossovers between male and female were present with this fashion trend. The intensity of these stripes make for a more masculine look.

As a true pioneer of fashion, Anna Wintour has also been a figure who has worn tiger stripes. She is very much a fan of animal prints in her day-to-day life and owns many animal printed items.

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The print itself is very strong due to its sharp lines and history of being worn by men.

A tiger stripe shirt can work wonders when worn with jeans for a very laid back and cool look.

More feminine looks featuring this print have changed the colours from yellow to a bold red, adding a female touch to it.

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019


The classic snakeskin animal print.

Snakeskin provides a western look, having the most impact with ankle boots in recent fashion trends. But it does not end there.

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The constant search for inspiration for new summer women outfits is getting easier each year, as more is allowed and old trends like tie-dye make comeback.

Chiffon dresses in a snakeskin pattern have been very popular on the high street and are set to continue their impact in 2019.

Ankle boots have been most interesting to observe with this print, managing to tie any outfit together without overpowering the look too much. Some may even choose to clash colours and patterns with white and black snakeskin boots in order to follow the bold trend of clashing.

It is definitely one to watch this year to see what other iterations of the trend we will be able to see.

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Zebra Print

These stripes are nothing but bold.

Topshop famously released blouses, mesh shirts and belts all featuring black and white zebra stripes.

In some ways this print is more subtle in the sense that it is black and white, making it easy to pair with other items and avoid clashes of colour.

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The print is very easy to wear but still captures the eye with its black and white contrast.

It was popular with Saint Laurent, being featured on t-shirts as well as chiffon blouses.

Overall, this is one style that is easy to wear and cannot go out of season.

Animal Prints That Are Not Getting Old In 2019

Animal prints are a look to be worn all year round! What animal print will you be rocking this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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